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potlatch n. (1) A ceremonial feast among certain Native American peoples of the northwest Pacific coast . . . at which the host distributes gifts requiring reciprocation [Chinook<Nootka patshatl, to make a potlatch gift]. (2) A gathering of the writers and readers of literary science fiction and fantasy at which participants exchange ideas.
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February 23-25, 2001,
Ramada Plaza Hotel International
Tel: (415) 626-8000 Fax: (415) 861-1460
San Francisco, California

Book of Honor: Thunder and Roses by Theodore Sturgeon

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Current Membership List

At Potlatch, people talk to each other and listen to discussions about writing and reading speculative fiction. You’ll find conversations at programming events, in Clarion-style writers’ workshops, in the con suite, in the halls, and in elevators.

Potlatch also sponsors the Clarion West scholarship auction. There will be a small dealers’ room. Spontaneous programming (Algonquins) may generate itself at any moment.

Potlatch Registration will open 4 p.m. on Friday! There will probably be an informal party on Thursday evening at the hotel.

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Ramada Plaza Room Rate for Potlatch:

  • Single/Double: $105

Important: Our room guarantee deadline is now past, but if you make a hotel reservation now, the hotel will give you the Potlatch rate on any available rooms.

To call the Ramada Plaza directly, phone (415) 626-8000. For toll-free reservations, call (800) 227-4747 or (888) 298-2054.

Potlatch membership rates:

  • $35 from October 2000 to Feb. 8, 2001
  • $40 at the door
  • $20, Banquet/Sunday Brunch (Optional)
  • Registration Form

About the Banquet

The Potlatch banquet will be held on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. We have been successful in reducing the banquet price from $22.00 per person to $20.00 per person. (If you have already paid the original price, we'll refund the overpayment at the convention.)

You must reserve your banquet place now, so please send in the banquet form with your choice of entrée right away, whether or not you have already paid for the banquet. Alternatively, send email to banquet with your choice.

You can choose between: · Half a roasted chicken with herb-cranberry sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and chef's choice of vegetables · Platter of roasted summer squash, zucchini, bell peppers, and eggplant, with basil (vegan) Both choices include a spinach salad with mandarin oranges slices and toasted almonds. You can choose your dessert at the banquet: we'll have a chocolate mousse and an apple-cranberry tart. We're sorry; the only vegan dessert choice is fresh fruit.

- - Debbie Notkin

Contact Us

For questions or comments about Potlatch, or to volunteer:

contact us by e-mail   or

Potlatch 10
c/o Mary Kay Kare
P.O. Box 3042
San Ramon, CA 94583

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