Potlatch 10
Progress Report 2

Potlatch 10, February 23-25, 2001. Ramada Plaza Hotel
San Francisco, CA

Book of Honor: Thunder & Roses, by Theodore Sturgeon/North Atlantic Press

Potlatch c/o Mary Kay Kare PO Box 3042 San Ramon, CA 94583 ($35, $10 sustaining). http://www.potlatch-sf.org

The Comfy Chair's Welcome to Pr 2

Come in, have a seat right here next to us. Coffee, tea? Would you like milk with that? Sugar? We are so excited to be getting closer to what we think will be a truly great con. We're keeping our message short so we can give more space to programming, the writers' workshop, the dealers' room, and the rest of our fine committee. So sit back and relax and learn more about what we're planning for Potlatch 10. We're looking forward to seeing you here.

Janet & Guy

Writers' Workshop

All registered members of Potlatch 10 are eligible to participate in our Clarion-style workshop. Our confirmed workshop leaders include Karen Joy Fowler, Howard Hendrix, and Debbie Notkin. Due to other commitments, Eileen Gunn is no longer scheduled to lead a workshop as reported in PR #1.

To register, choose a complete science fiction or fantasy story of yours of up to 5000 words, and print it out in correct manuscript format. Make five complete photocopies, each copy stapled or paper-clipped together, and mail them to:

Zed Lopez
PO Box 12546
Berkeley, CA 94712

Please also enclose a check for $5 (for our postage expenses) made out to Clarion West/Potlatch 10. If you're not familiar with what 'correct manuscript format' means, or for more information, please see:


If you have further questions, please email workshop@potlatch-sf.org.

Zed Lopez


We are now in the middle of putting together the Potlatch 10 program, and have a tentative outline of a schedule. This being a Potlatch, there will be plenty of programming! It will start on Friday night, after dinner, with the traditional Book of Honor panel. Drop by your local bookstore now and get your copy of Thunder and Roses (vol. 4 of the collected stories of Theodore Sturgeon) before the con, so you won't have to contend with the rush to the dealers' room and the long lines you'll find there. Debbie Notkin will be on the panel, as will the Book of Honor's editor, Paul Williams.

Most of the program will be on Saturday. There will be a mix of short items in one-hour time slots and longer items in ninety-minute time slots. (There will be one, and only one, silly panel utterly without redeeming social importance.) On Sunday morning, we will have one more panel discussion before the banquet and the Clarion West scholarship auction. And since the main program room happens to be a wonderfully elegant ballroom, we don't want to waste it! We're considering a dance for late Saturday evening.

We have reserved a special time slot on Saturday for readings and Algonquins, so that we can have relaxed discussions that don't compete with lunch. Of course, you're still free to schedule your own Algonquins during lunch or any other time! We'll prearrange a few Algonquins, but please bring your own ideas with you.

Our thanks to those who have sent in ideas and volunteered to be on the program. We're getting some great ideas and some great people; some of the ideas we're considering are "The economics of iniquity," "SF and SF," and "The cutting edge and the rusty spoon." We're not done yet, though, and we still want more ideas! Please send your ideas for program items (and suggestions for who you'd like to see on the program) to the convention P.O. box or to our new e-mail address:


Matt Austern & Tom Becker

Clarion West Auction

Potlatch 10 will feature the traditional Clarion West scholarship auction on Sunday afternoon, so plan to check out and bid on the unique and unusual goodies available with the knowledge that you're helping to support future writers. People with the online auction habit can keep their eBay skills honed, and the proceedings are unpredictable and entertaining!

Contact me at auction@potlatch-sf.org if you've got treasures to donate; I'll be happy to give you a receipt to placate the tax authorities.

Cynthia Gonsalves



Dealers' Room

Potlatch will have a dealers' room, of course. We're still in the planning stages, but information on the dealers' room will be made available in the first half of December 2000.

We do know that the Potlatch 10 dealers' room will be a great place to shop for books. The Other Change of Hobbit, Cargo Cult Books & Notions, Black Plankton Press, Tachyon Publications, and Book Universe have already made inquiries.

If you'd like to show your goods in the dealers' room contact me at DaveClark42@cs.com.

Dave Clark

Hotel & Banquet

Potlatch 10 will be held the Ramada Plaza Hotel International:

Ramada Plaza Hotel International
1231 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 626-800/ Toll-free reservations: (888) 298-2054

The room rate for Potlatch is $105.

The Potlatch banquet will be held on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. The banquet price will be $22.00 per person. We've been very pleased with the quality of the food in the hotel restaurant, and we look forward to an excellent meal. You can buy your banquet tickets now, but we may be coming back to you to ask you for your choice of entrees.

Debbie Notkin


In keeping with recent Potlatch tradition, the Consuite will be serving tea in the Ballroom in conjunction with the Tiptree Bake Sale. Afternoon tea. Algonquins. Ballroom. An elegant way to support a worthy cause.

"Take care of the luxuries and the necessities
will take care of themselves."

Dorothy Parker

If you'd like to assist with the tea and bake sale, contact us at consuite@potlatch-sf.org.

Ruth Lafler & Karen Schaffer


The Con Committee

Chairs - Janet Lafler & Guy Thomas (jlafler@sirius.com, guyt@sirius.com)

Auction - Cynthia Gonsalves (auction@potlatch-sf.org)

Bake Sale - Your Name Here

Consuite - Ruth Lafler & Karen Schaffer (consuite@potlatch-sf.org)

Dealers' Room - Dave Clark (DaveClark42@cs.com)

Graphic Design - Freddie Baer

Hotel Liaison - Debbie Notkin (kith@slip.net)

Native Guide - Aahz & Stef Maruch (maruch@cat-and-dragon.com); Sarah Goodman (goodston@well.com)

Programming - Matt Austern & Tom Becker (programming@potlatch-sf.org)

Publications - Lisa Hirsch (sunbear@well.com)

Registration & Treasury - Mary Kay Kare (marykay@feministcabal.org)

Web Site & Publicity - Lenny Bailes (lennyb@slip.net)

Writers' Workshops - Zed Lopez (workshop@potlatch-sf.org)


Current Membership

Jae Leslie Adams

Kat Angeli

Matthew Austern

Freddie Baer

Lenny Bailes

Allen Baum

Tom Becker

Chris Benitz

Alan Bostick

Bertina Bryant

Randy Byers

Scott Custis

Lise Eisenberg

Doug Faunt

David Goldfarb

Jeanne Gomoll

Cynthia Gonsalves

Sarah Goodman

Glenn Hackney

Ian Hagemann

Rachel Holmen

Jim Hudson

Jordin Kare

Mary Kay Kare

Janet Lafler

Ruth Lafler

Hope Leibowitz

David Levine

Ruth Liebig

John Lorentz

Marci Malinowycz

Diane Martin

Stef Maruch

Gary Mattingly

Linda McAllister

Rich McAllister

Cheryl Morgan

Paul Moslander

Pat Murphy

Ray Nelson

G. David Nordley

Deb Notkin

Don Oestreicher

Joy Oestreicher

Lyn Paleo

Patricia Peters

D. Potter

Neil Rest

Ruth Sachter

Ron Salomon

Kate Schaefer

Karen Schaffer

Kevin Standlee

Ian Stockdale

Frederick Teti

Guy Thomas

Anna Vargo

Guest of Vargo

Mike Ward

Donya Hazard White

Tom Whitmore

Art Widner

Paul Williams

Kate Yule


Membership Information

Memberships to Potlatch 10, to be held in San Francisco (February 23-25, 2001), are $35. You can also buy a supporting membership, entitling you to all publications, for $10.


Address 1_____________________________________________________________

Address 2_____________________________________________________________

City______________________ State/Prov _______________ Postal Code________


Email address (optional)_______________________________________________

Phone number:_______________________ Interested in: ___________________

Type of member ship____________________ Amount_____________

Banquet ($22/person): ___________________

Use additional sheet of paper for more names. Make checks payable to Potlatch and send c/o Mary Kay Kare PO Box 3042 San Ramon, CA 94583. The registrar can be reached at marykay@feministcabal.org












Potlatch 10

C/O Mary Kay Kare

P. O. Box 3042

San Ramon, CA 94583