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Potlatch 11 Clarion West Scholarship Auction

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The scholarship auction at Potlatch is Clarion West's main fundraiser, your big chance to benefit future writers while benefiting yourself as well.

If you have cool objects suitable for auction that you'd like to donate to a tax-deductible science fiction cause, please send 'em along. And if you have no objects you want to donate nor objects you'd like to buy but would still like to do something to help Clarion West, we'll cheerfully accept monetary donations, which are tax-deductible as well.

Please send all auction donations to: Potlatch Clarion West Auction, PO Box 31848, Seattle, WA 98103-1848, or bring them to the convention and give them to me, Kate Schaefer. Ask for me at registration if you can't find me. I'll give you a receipt that you can use for tax purposes and Clarion West's grateful thanks.

-- Kate Schaefer

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