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Potlatch 11 Clarion West Auction Catalog

Author/Artist Title Description
[None] [None] Buffy t-shirt
[None] [None] Capricon 13 t-shirt
[None] [None] Clarion West 1991 t-shirt
[None] [None] George RR Martin promo t-shirt
[None] [None] T-shirt Clarion West 1991
[None] [None] T-shirt Omni Rockwell spaceshirt
[None] [None] Westercon 48 t-shirt -2
[None] Starlog #200 March 1994 Magazine
A. A. Attanasio Radix Morrow Quill paperback 1981
A. A. Attanasio The Dragon and the Univorn Harper Prism paperback 1996
Adam Corby The Former King Timescape paperback 1981
Ainslie Skinner The Harrowing Hardcover
Alberto Manguel & Ginni Guadalupi The Dictionary of Imaginary Places Harcourt, Brace hardcover 2000
Allen Steele Lunar Descent Ace paperback 1991
Allen Steele OceanSpace Ace uncorrected proof 2000
Amazing Stories Amazing Stories #600 Magazine 1999
Amy Thomson Through Alien Eyes Ace trade paperback 1999
Andre Norton & Sherwood Smith Echoes in Time Tor uncorrected proof w/book jacket 1999
Arlene Seymour The Moon Book: A Lunar Pop-Up Celebration Universe hardcover
Arthur C. Clarke Earthlight Ballantine paperback 1963
Arthur C. Clarke & Michael Kube-McDowell The Trigger Bantam hardcover 1999
Arwen Elys Dayton Resurrection Roc paperback 2001
Avram Davidson Masters of the Maze Pyramid paperback 1965
Ben Bova The Precipice Tor hardcover 2001
Bill Henderson, ed. Rotten Reviews Penguin paperback 1987
Bill Ransom Virax Galleys, autographed
Brenda W. Clough Doors of Death and Life Tor paperback 2000
Brian Jacques Mattimeo Ace paperback 1999
Brian Jacques Mossflower Ace paperback 1998
Brian Stableford The Fountains of Youth Tor paperback 2000
Brian Stableford The Fountains of Youth Tor uncorrected proof 2000
Brian W. Aldiss Report on Probability A Lancer paperback 1968
Bruce Boxleitner Frontier Earth Ace hardcover 1999
C. S. Lewis Out of the Silent Planet Macmillan paperback 1973
Catherine Asaro Spherical Harmonic Tor hardcover 2001
Charles de Lint Into the Green Orb paperback 2001
Charles Sheffield Borderlands of Science Baen hardcover 1999
Clifford D. Simak Time Is the Simplest Thing Crest paperback 1962
D. G. Compton Chronocules Pocket paperback 1980
D. G. Compton The Steel Crocodile Pocket paperback 1980
D. G. Compton The Unsleeping Eye Pocket paperback 1980
Damon Knight A For Anything Fawcett paperback 1972
Daniel Easterman Night of the Apocalypse Harper Collins hardcover 1995
Dave Klein Fourth Down Forge uncorrected proof 1999
David Day Tolkien: The Illustrated Encyclopedia Fireside paperback 1992
David Drake Lord of the Isles Tor advance reading copy 1997
David Gerrold Space Skimmer Ballantine paperback 1972
David Gerrold The World of Star Trek Ballantine paperback 1973
David Herter Ceres Storm Tor bound manuscript  2000
Dean McLaughlin The Fury from Earth Pyramid paperback 1863
Dennis Danvers The Fourth World Avon Eos hardcover 2000
Dennis L. McKiernan Dragondoom Bantam uncorrected proof1990
Donna McMahon Dance of Knives Tor advance reading copy 2001
Doug Bowman The Copelands Forge uncorrected proof 1999
Earl Murray Spirit of the Moon Forge uncorrected proof 1996
Edgar Pangborn Still I Persist in Wondering Dell paperback 1978
Edgar Pangborn West of the Sun Dell paperback 1980
Elizabeth A. Lynn Dragon's Winter Ace uncorrected proof 1997
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, ed. Past Lives, Present Tense Ace trade paperback 1999
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, ed. Past Lives, Present Tense Ace uncorrected proof 1999
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas The Animal Wife Pocket paperback 1991
Elizabeth Moon Against the Odds Baen paperback 2000
Ellen Datlow Omni's Best SF Foul Matter from OMNI's Best SF 1, autographed
Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds. Black Heart, Ivory Bones Avon paperback 2000
Eric Frank Russell Sinister Barrier Paperback Library paperback 1966
Fletcher Pratt & L. Sprague de Camp Land of Unreason Ballantine paperback 1970
Flying Karamazovs Viewmaster Viewmaster
Frank Herbert Soul Catcher Berkley paperback 1979
Frank Herbert The Eyes of Heisenberg Berkley paperback 1966
Frank Herbert The Jesus Incident, etc. Shrink-wrapped 5 paperbacks
Frank Herbert Whipping Star Berkley paperback 1970
Frederick Pohl Terror Berkley paperback 1986
Fritz Leiber The Sinful Ones Pocket paperback 1980
Fritz Leiber The Wanderer Ballantine paperback 1964
Gardner Dozois & Sheila Williams, eds. Isaac Asimov's Halloween Ace paperback 2001
George Orwell 1984 Signet paperback 1961
George Poinar Jr. & Roberta Poinar The Amber Forest Princeton paperback 1999
Gordon R. Dickson Time Storm Signed covers - set 1
Gordon R. Dickson Time Storm Signed covers - set 2
Graham Joyce Indigo Pocket paperback 1999
Greg and Tim Hildebrandt Greg and Tim Hildebrandt: The Tolkien Years Watson-Guptill paperback 2001
Gwyneth Jones North Wind Tor paperback 1997
Gwyneth Jones Phoenix Café Tor paperback 1998
H. L. Gold, ed. Bodyguard and four other short science fiction novels from Galaxy Permabook paperback 1962
H. L. Gold, ed. Mind Partner and 8 other novelets from Galaxy Permabook paperback 1963
Harry Harrison The Hammer and the Cross Tor advance reading copy 1993
Henry Kuttner The Mask of Circe Ace paperback 1975
Howard V. Hendrix Better Angels Ace hardcover 1991
Howard V. Hendrix Better Angels Ace hardcover 1991
Isaac Asimov Fondation (Foundation) French paperback 1966
Isaac Asimov Nine Tomorrows, missing 56 pages Bantam paperback 19??
Isaac Asimov The Caves of Steel Pyramid paperback  1962
J. G. Ballard The Day of Creation Lester & Orpen Dennys hardcover 1987
J. G. Ballard War Fever Farrar Strauss Giroux hardcover 1990
J. Robert King Lancelot du Lethe Tor hardcover 2001
Jack Dann Junction Dell paperback 1981
Jack Williamson Terraforming Earth Tor hardcover 2001
Jack Williamson The Humanoids Lancer paperback 1963
Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez Love & Rockets #46 Comic book 1994
James Blish A Life for the Stars Avon paperback 1962
James Blish Earthman, Come Home Avon paperback 1966
James H. Schmitz Agent of Vega & other stories Baen paperback 2001
James Morrow This Is the Way the World Ends Ace paperback 1989
James P. Blaylock Homunculus Ace paperback 1986
Jeffrey A. Carver Eternity's End Tor paperback 2000
Jeffrey Carver From a Changeling Star Manuscript copy
Jerry Jay Carroll Dog Eat Dog Ace trade paperback 1999
Jessica Amanda Salmonson Amazons! DAW paperback 1979
Jewelle Gomez The Gilda Stories Firebrand Books paperback 1991
Jo Clayton Drum Calls Tor paperback 1997
Jo Clayton Drum Calls Tor uncorrected proof 1997
Jo Clayton Maeve DAW paperback 1979
Joan D. Vinge Fireship Dell paperback 1978
Joan D. Vinge Tangled up in Blue Tor paperback 2000
Joan D. Vinge The Snow Queen Hardcover - book club
Joe Haldeman All My Sins Remembered St. Martin's hardcover, autographed, dust jacket in poor condition
Joe Haldeman The Coming Ace paperback 2001
John Allen Paulos Beyond Numeracy: Ruminations of a Numbers Man Knopf hardcover 1991
John Barnes A Million Open Doors Tor paperback 1993
John Barnes The Merchant of Souls Tor hardcover 2001
John Bellairs The Face in the Frost Ace paperback 1978
John Brizzolara Empire's Horizon Manuscript copy
John Brunner The Super Barbarians Ace paperback 1962
John G. Maisey Discovering Fossil Fishes Westview Press paperback 2001
John M. Ford The Last Hot Time Tor paperback 2000
John Varley Millenium Ace trade paperback 1999
Jonathan Aycliffe The Lost: A Novel of Dark Discoveries Harper Prism hardcover 1996
Judith Barad, Ph. D., with Ed Robertson The Ethics of Star Trek Perennial paperback 2001
Judith Tarr The Shepherd Kings Forge uncorrected proof 1999
Karen Haber, ed. Meditations on Middle-Earth St. Martin's Press hardcover 2001
Kate Schaefer Abstract astronomical quilt Small quilt
Kate Schaefer Long black vest Long black vest, size medium
Kathleen Ann Goonan Crescent City Rhapsody Avon hardcover 2000
Kathleen Ann Goonan The Bones of Time Tor uncorrected proof 1996
Keith Roberts Pavane Ace paperback 1968
Ken MacLeod The Cassini Division Tor uncorrected proof 1999
Kim Stanley Robinson Pacific Edge Tor paperback 1990
L. E. Modesitt, Jr. Ghost of the White Nights Tor hardcover 2001
Laurell K. Hamilton Bloody Bones Ace paperback 1996
Laurell K. Hamilton Obsidian Butterfly Ace hardcover 2000
Lela Dowling   Art, Flower Fairy
Leslie What & Nina Kiriki Hoffman Dave, Amy, and Jesus Photograph & certificate
M. Brock Fenton Bats, Revised Edition Checkmark Books hardcover 2001
Margaret Wander Bonannao Preternatural Too: Gyre Tor paperback 2000
Marian Zimmer Bradley Lady of the Trillium Bantam paperback 1995 signed
Mark D. Spalding, Corinna Ravilious, and Edmund P. Green World Atlas of Coral Reefs University of California 2001
Marta Randall Islands Pyramid paperback  1976
Marta Randall Journey Pocket paperback 1978
Martin H. Greenberg, ed. After the King Tor paperback 2001
Maxine McArthur Time Future Warner Aspect paperback 1999
Mel Hunter The Artist Cover proof w/appraisal
Mel Hunter Two Ships Cover proof w/appraisal
Mel Hunter Wind-Up Toys Cover proof w/appraisal
Melissa Scott Dreaming Metal Tor paperback 1997
Melissa Scott & Lisa A. Barnett Point of Dreams Tor paperback 2001
Michael Bishop, Barry Malzberg, Bruce McAllister Their Immortal Hearts: Three Visions of Time West Coast Poetry Review paperback 1980
Michael Kanaly Virus Clans Ace paperback 1998
Michael N. Stanton Hobbits, Elves, and Wizards: Exploring the Wonders and Worlds of JRRT's LotR St. Martin's Press hardcover 2001
Michael Okuda & Denise Okuda The Star Trek Encyclopedia Pocket Books paperback 1999
Michaela Roessner The Stars Compel Tor uncorrected proof 1999
Mick Farren Darklost Tor uncorrected proof 2000
N. Lee Wood Bloodwright Ace hardcover 1999
Nancy Kilpatrick & Thomas S. Roche In the Shadow of the Gargoyle Ace paperback 1998
Newton Thornburg Eve's Men Forge uncorrected proof 1998
Nick O'Donohoe The Gnomewrench in the Dwarfworks Ace paperback 1999
Octavia E. Butler Parable of the Talents Warner Aspect paperback 2001
Orson Scott Card The Folk of the Fringe Orb paperback 2001
P. N. Elrod A Chill in the Blood Ace paperback 1998
P. N. Elrod, ed. Dracula in London Ace paperback 2001
Pat Murphy Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell Tor hardcover 2001
Pat Murphy The Falling Woman Tor paperback 1986
Pat Murphy There and Back Again by Max Merriwell Tor uncorrected proof 1999
Patricia A. McKillip Riddle Master: the Complete Trilogy Ace trade paperback 1999
Patricia A. McKillip The Night Gift Atheneum paperback 1976
Patricia Anthony Flanders Ace hardcover 1998
Patrick Nielsen Hayden Starlight 2 Tor hardcover 1998
Paul Brandon Swim the Moon Tor hardcover 2001
Paul Hazel Yearwood Timescape paperback 1980
Paul Voermans The Weird Colonial Boy Gollancz hardcover 1993
Peter George Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Bantam paperback 1964
Peter Watts Maelstrom Tor hardcover 2001
Philip Pullman The Golden Compass Del Rey paperback 1997
Poppy Z. Brite Lost Souls Delacorte hardcover 1992
Poster Psycho III poster Movie promo poster
Poul Anderson Conan the Rebel Tor hardcover 2001
R. A. MacAvoy A Trio for Lute Bantam paperback 1988
R. A. MacAvoy Tea With the Black Dragon Bantam paperback 1983
R. G. Young The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film: Ali Bab to Zombies Applause paperback 2000
Ray Bradbury From the Dust Returned Willam Morrow hardcover 2001
Ray Bradbury The Martian Chronicles Bantam paperback 1962
Richard Cowper A Dream of Kinship Timescape paperback 1981
Richard Cowper Profundis Pocket paperback 1981
Richard Cowper The Road to Corlay Pocket paperback 1979
Richard Lupoff Sacred Locomotive Flies Beagle paperback 1971
Richard Sears First Born Forge uncorrected proof 2000
Rob Swigart A.K.A. A Cosmic Fable Magnum paperback 1979
Rob Swigart The Time Trip Coronet paperback 1980
Robert A. Heinlein Beyond This Horizon Baen hardcover 2001
Robert B. Kelly The Cloud People TSR Bound galley 1991
Robert Bloch Psycho House Tor hardcover 1990
Robert Conquest A World of Difference Ballantine paperback 1964
Robert Holdstock & Christopher Priest, eds. Stars of Albion Pan paperback 1979
Robert J. Sawyer End of an Era Tor paperback 1994
Robert Jordan & Teresa Patterson The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Tor paperback 1997
Robert Reed Marrow Tor paperback 2000
Robert Silverberg Valentine Pontifex Harper Prism paperback 1996
Robert Silverberg, ed. Legends Tor paperback 1998 (damaged)
Robert Stallman The Captive Timescape paperback 1981
Robert Winston & Lori Oliwenstein Superhuman: The Awesome Power Within Dorling Kindersley hardcover 2000
Ronald Anthony Cross Hotel Mind Slaves Manuscript
Rudy Rucker Wetware Avon paperback  1988
Samuel C. Florman The Aftermath: A Novel of Survival St. Martin's Press hardcover 2001
Sara Stamey Wild Card Run Berkley paperback 1987
Sarah A. Hoyt Ill Met By Moonlight Ace hardcover 2001
Severna Park The Annunciate Avon hardcover 1999, autographed
Sharan Newman Guinevere Evermore Tor paperback 1985
Sheri S. Tepper Singer from the Sea Avon paperback  2000
Shirley Jackson We Have Always Lived in the Castle Popular Library paperback 1962
Stanley Schmidt Which Way to the Future? Tor hardcover 2001
Stephen J. Sansweet Star Wars Encyclopedia Del Rey hardcover 1998
Steven Brust The Book of Jhereg Ace trade paperback 1999
Steven R. Boyett The Architect of Sleep Ace paperback 1986
Steven Siebert Cleopatra's Needle Tor uncorrected proof 1999
Suzy McKee Charnas The Furies Orb paperback 2001
T. Coraghessan Boyle Water Music Penguin CAF paperback 1981
Tanith Lee White as Snow Tor paperback 2000
Tanya Huff Of Darkness, Light, and Fire DAW paperback 2001
Terry Bisson In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories Tor uncorrected proof 2000
Terry Brooks & Teresa Patterson The World of Shannara Ballantine Books hardcover 2001
Terry McGarry Illumination Tor hardcover 2001
Terry Pratchett Lords and Ladies Harper paperback 1995
Terry Pratchett Soul Music Harper paperback 1995
Terry Pratchett The Fifth Elephant Harper Collins hardcover 2000
Terry Pratchett The Last Continent Harper paperback 1999
Theodore Sturgeon Beyond Dell paperback 1980
Theodore Sturgeon More Than Human Ballantine paperback 1965
Theodore Sturgeon The Cosmic Rape Dell paperback 1968
Thomas Canty Lady Ice Signed limited print
Tim Powers The Anubis Gates Mark V. Ziesing hardcover 1989
Tom Shippey J. R. R. Tolkien: Author of the Century Houghton Mifflin hardcover 2001
Vernor Vinge A Deepness in the Sky Tor hardcover 1999
Vicki Wyman   Art, Unicorn
Viido Polikarpus & Tappan King Down Town Tor paperback 1987
Walter Jon Williams Metropolitan Harper paperback 1996
Walter M. Miller, Jr. A Canticle for Leibowitz Bantam paperback 1964
Walter M. Miller, Jr. Conditionally Human Ballantine paperback 1962
Wil McCarthy The Collapsium Gollancz paperback 2000
William C. Dietz Deathday Ace hardcover 2001
William Gibson Virtual Light Bantam Spectra hardcover 1993
William Kotzwinkle Fata Morgana Borzoi hardcover 1977
William Tenn The Human Angle Ballantine paperback 1964
William Tenn The Square Root of Man Ballantine paperback 1968

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