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Potlatch 11 Note From the Chair

Because of health issues, Jane Hawkins and I have traded places. I'm now the Chair and she's now the Vice. I did not specify which Vice I was when I was Vicious, and you'll have to ask Jane which one she is these days.

We're expecting this Potlatch to be a bit smaller than usual, due to the war and the recession. We don't expect it to be any less fun or intellectually challenging. We were putting together a program roughly themed around post-revolutionary and post-apocaplyptic fiction prior to September 11th; after September 11th, we took a deep breath and decided that we'd keep on with that theme.

Expect something much like previous Potlatches: provocative panels, stimulating conversation, plenty of chocolate, a fabulously entertaining auction, many old friends to catch up with, new friends to be made. Since we're in a new hotel in a different part of town, expect surprising new restaurants to check out, along with the amusement of the Pacific Science Center, the Experience Music Project, the Seattle Center, and the future transportation system of the past, the monorail.

See you in February!

-- Kate Schaefer

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