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Potlatch 11 Writers Workshop/Writing Room

This year, we'll offer our usual Taste of Clarion workshop for writers with little workshop experience or for those who are extremely curious about the Clarion experience. The workshop will take place on Friday afternoon, the first day of the convention, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the panels and partying for the rest of the weekend. This workshop, like Clarion and Clarion West, will focus on the short story. A group of beginning writers (2-5 people) will meet with two experienced professional writers. Everyone will critique each story, with the author of the story speaking last. Participants must be members of the convention; there is an additional $5 fee to cover copying and mailing costs.

To participate in the Taste of Clarion workshop, send a short story (up to 3500 words), in manuscript format and the $5 fee to Potlatch 11 Writers' Workshop, PO Box 31848 Seattle, WA 98103-1848, by January 16th. We'll copy the stories and send them to participants so you can read and critique them before the convention.

The writing room will be available for sudden writing inspirations when not otherwise scheduled. Bring your own laptop or paper and pen, or just show up and we'll give you paper and pen to use. If you want to write but don't have something to write about, we'll have a pile of writing exercise suggestions in the writing room from which you can choose.

On Saturday during the nanoprogramming/lunch break, anyone who wants to write a short-short story set on either September 10th or September 12th is invited to do so. Later that night, those who wish to may read their work aloud.

-- Kate Schaefer

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