Progress Report 3

February 21 to 23, 2003

Ramada Plaza Hotel, San Francisco


Breaking Hotel News!

The room rate has been reduced to $79.95! Make your reservations now (the hotel’s phone number is (800) 227-4747) and be sure to mention Potlatch 12!

Banquet Tickets and T-shirts Ordering Available On Line

You can order banquet tickets and reserve a t-shirt through our Paypal order page now, at Ordering in advance guarantees you your choice of banquet entree or t-shirt size. Orders and preregistration close Feb 8, so don't delay.

Let’s Talk

Karen Schaffer, Potlatch 12 Chair

Yes, it’s a Potlatch–see you there!

Book of Honor

The Book of Honor is Cordwainer Smith’s The Rediscovery of Man. NESFA Press is making The Rediscovery of Man available to Potlatch members at a 20% discount. See their web page for details and an order form:

More information about Cordwainer Smith and The Rediscovery of Man can be found at: /books.htm - rediscovery.


Debbie Notkin and Janet Lafler

We think we’ve put together a varied and engaging program. This year, we concentrated on bringing some new voices into programming. As usual, some of our panels coordinate with the themes raised by the Book of Honor, and others are stand-alone.

Here’s what you can expect:

The traditional Friday night Book of Honor panel will begin at 8:15 pm. The Rediscovery of Man should give us all more than enough to talk about! The ringleader is Tom Whitmore.

Saturday’s four panels have not been put in order yet, but here’s what they will be:

Saturday evening’s treat will be a staged reading of Cordwainer Smith’s "The Ballad of Lost C’Mell," directed by Joanne Lafler

Sunday morning before the banquet, we’ll have:

Then we eat!

After the auction, we’ll open up the programming space for a discussion of whatever got people the most excited during the program items—you never know what that might be!

Some program items are full, some are still looking for panelists. If you see an item you’d like to be on, email Debbie at to find out if there’s still room.

Transracial Writing Workshop

Zed Lopez

This workshop, which is open to all Potlatch attendees, is an expansion of Nisi Shawl's controversial essay "Transracial Writing for the Sincere."

The workshop, which is 2.5 hours long, is taught by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward. It workshop teaches more experienced writers ways to include in their work characters whose racial heritage, sexual orientation, or religious background differs from their own. Come prepared to do writing exercises, and if you're able, bring a work in progress to practice your new skills on.


Lenny Bailes

Formal panels are only part of Potlatch programming: the other part is the Algonquins. Algonquins can be author's readings, discussions of science fiction or other topics, or anything else that appeals to a group of Potlatch members. Algonquins can take place on Saturday, in the conference room we've reserved for them, or at any other time and place throughout the convention. They can be pre-arranged or happen spontaneously, over meals, in people's rooms, or even outside the hotel.

We're currently trying to come up with interesting ideas to seed some pre-arranged Algonquins. If you have any suggestions and would like us to reserve time in the conference room, please feel free to contact me (LennyBailes: about scheduling. As in the past, we'll have a bulletin board where you can post information about any Algonquins you're organizing. They can be on any subject you like, and can be related to the formal program or not.

Afternoon Tea and Tiptree Bake Sale

Ruth Leibig

On Saturday there will be an afternoon break to have a cup of tea and purchase goodies at the Afternoon Tea and Tiptree Bake Sale. The Tiptree Award supports SF/F that expands or explores our understanding of gender, and all proceeds from the bake sale are donated to the Tiptree Award. If you'd like to prepare some baked goods or other treats for the bake sale or help with the event, please contact Ruth Leibig by email ( or phone (650-322-4130) by Thursday, February 20. Please include a small card listing the ingredients. An area will be set aside in the consuite for people to leave bake sale donations. Thank you!

Dealers’ Room

Dave Clark

The emphasis in the Potlatch Dealers’ Room will be, of course, books and more books.

These dealers will be on hand:

The dealers’ room will be open:

Toy & Game Room

Allen Baum

Potlatch 13 wants to repeat the Toyful experience tradition.

We'll try to have a room full of toys and games which we hope you'll want to play or play with, not simply admire and/or kibbitz (though you're welcome to do that, too). The toy room will be open Friday, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday, 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

What we have so far:

K'nex (of course), mountains of Legos, Erector sets, Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Othello, Boggle, Kensington Allegories & Myths, Once Upon a Time, Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, Flux, Chrononauts, Ogre (Old Skool), G.E.V, Pass Me the Brain, Trivial Pursuits, and a few more.

If you're wondering how you can help, it’s very simple–bring something that you would like to play or play with (a toy or game, thankYouVeryMuch)–it's unlikely you'll be the only one who wants it there. If you don't see your favorite in the list above, bring yours along!

If you have something more to lend, please contact your local toymeister, Allen Baum, at Let me know if there is any special handling you need (e.g., lock up at night, needs adult supervision, keep out of the hands of children, keep out of the hands of adults, tools required, transportation required, etc.) and I'll try to arrange it that way.

Become Part of the Telling

Lenny Bailes

It's been said by many science fiction critics that the cumulative body of work published in the field comprises an ongoing dialog between the writers and readers. For the past several years, Potlatch has attempted to stimulate this dialog by taking notes on the programmed discussions that occur at the convention. Currently, you can find notes and summaries for Potlatches 7 through 10 on the World Wide Web at

We're looking for volunteers to continue this tradition at Potlatch 12. All you have to do is listen to a panel discussion and jot down salient points made by speakers and audience. Word-by-word stenography is not required. If you think you'd like to participate in preserving the written and oral history of the Potlatch community, please contact me at

Clarion West Scholarship Auction

Linda McAllister

Once again, Potlatch will sponsor an auction to benefit Clarion West after the Sunday banquet.

As usual, expect a variety of interesting and unusual books, art, and other surprises. Materials to be auctioned will be displayed throughout the convention. We'll be accepting checks and cash only for auction purchases.

To donate items for the auction, contact Linda McAllister ( We are particularly interested in one-of-a-kind items. Unsold items will be donated to an appropriate non-profit organization after the convention. Potlatch 12 reserves the right to decline types of items that have not sold well in the past. Clarion West is a 501(c)3 organization: your donated items are tax deductible, and you will receive a nice email thanking you for your contribution.

Writers Workshop

Zed Lopez

If you are participating in the writers workshop (i.e. you submitted your materials prior to the 1/15 deadline), you will be receiving shortly the manuscripts of the other participants in your group for you to critique. The workshop will be Saturday morning at 10 a.m., and information on exactly where your group will be meeting will be posted at the registration table by 9 a.m. that morning.

Hotel Room Rates Drop by 20%

Debbie Notkin and Guy Thomas

No one has much good to say about the Bay Area’s economy, but it will benefit Potlatch 12 members. Room rates at the Ramada Plaza are $79.95, $20 per night lower than originally contracted. Thanks to the hotel staff for extending this discount to our membership!

Make your reservations today by calling (800) 227-4747. Be sure to mention Potlatch 12.

The banquet menu has been selected. Our three entrées are:

Banquet price is $25, and includes a full meal with dessert. You can make your banquet reservations and choose your entrée on our website. Banquet ticket sales close at midnight on February 8.

There may be a few additional banquet tickets available at the door, but you may not get your first choice of entrée.

Our elegant hotel is at:

1231 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-1411

(415) 626-8000

You won’t be able to miss the beautiful Tiffany glass and other classic architectural features of this building, which once served as San Francisco’s City Hall.

Getting to Potlatch

Lyn Paleo and Doug Faunt

The Potlatch 12 concom is very pleased to be holding the convention at a hotel that has easy access to public transportation and excellent proximity to restaurants and other amenities. The hotel is directly served by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and the San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI). It is situated on Market Street just steps from the Civic Center BART and MUNI Stations and a short walk from the San Francisco Public Library’s main branch, the theater district, and SOMA nightlife.

We suggest that you leave your cars home when you attend Potlatch 12. The hotel's web site concurs: "We strongly recommend utilizing taxis and public transport around town. It is more economical and less frustrating than searching for parking. San Francisco is a great walking town famous for its compact size." Parking at the hotel is limited, restricted to registered guests, and expensive ($20/day). There are parking lots in the area, with various daily, weekend, and night prices, but we hope the public transit information that follows will demonstrate that a carless weekend is the best option. Phone numbers and URLs for more information on are at the end of the public transit section.

At the con, your registration packet will include the Native Guide, which includes a transit guide describing how to use public transportation to get around town, as well as listings of several good, economical restaurants just a short transit ride away.


From Oakland Airport: Taking public transit from Oakland Airport is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

To reach Coliseum BART from from Oakland Airport, take AirBART or AC Transit bus 58.

For the AirBART Shuttle, go outside the terminal to the middle island. The fare is $2.00; purchase tickets from machines in the terminals near the exit.

For the bus, go outside the terminal to the island closest to the parking lot. The fare is $1.50 in exact change, paid to the driver; the bus runs somewhat less frequently than AirBART and has no baggage racks.

At the Coliseum BART station buy a ticket ($2.85) and take the train to San Francisco; get off at Civic Center station.

From San Francisco Airport, public transit is also easy and inexpensive.

If you have hand luggage only, the SamTrans KX line provides express service from the airline terminals to downtown San Francisco. Go upstairs and outside to catch the KX. The fare is $3.00. Get off at 8th and Mission, just one block south of the hotel.

If you have luggage other than hand luggage, take the SamTrans route BX from the airport to Colma BART station for $1.25. Then buy a BART ticket ($2.35) and take the train to Civic Center station.

From both airports: There are numerous van services that provide door-to-door transportation from the airports. From Oakland, fares are about $25 per passenger; from San Francisco, about $13. It is preferable to have reservations. Some shuttle services give discounts for multiple passengers to the same address, so inquire before making a reservation.


There is no direct Amtrak service into San Francisco. However, you can buy your Amtrak ticket with San Francisco as the destination; if you do this, the last leg of your trip will be on an Amtrak bus.

If you are coming from out of state and arriving on the Coast Starlight or California Zephyr, disembark at Emeryville and take an Amtrak bus to the Hyatt Regency at 4th and Market. Then take MUNI above ground: the F streetcar or the 2, 7, 9, 21, or 71 buses outbound to 8th Street (fare $1, exact change paid to driver).

If you are arriving from in state on the Capital or San Joaquin, disembark at Richmond, where there is a joint Amtrak/BART station. Take a BART train to San Francisco and get off at Civic Center station. During the day, take a BART train headed to San Francisco; get off at Civic Center station. After 6 p.m., take a Fremont BART train to MacArthur, change to a train going to San Francisco and get off at Civic Center station.


Greyhound uses the Transbay Terminal.

The Transbay Terminal is located on Mission Street between First and Fremont, one block south of Market Street. From the ramp outside the Transbay Terminal, the MUNI bus #6 Parnassus will take you to 8th and Market. Alternatively, you can walk one block north on First Street to Market Street and catch the F streetcar or the 2, 7, 9, 21, or 71 buses. The fare is $1, exact change paid to driver.


From the East Bay: Did you notice the part about the hotel being right on top of the Civic Center BART Station? In addition, AC Transit runs bus service from all parts of the East Bay to the Transbay Terminal (see above).

From the Peninsula and South Bay: From the Caltrain terminal, get the MUNI Metro N line a half a block from the station and go to the Civic Center Metro station (same location as the BART Civic Center station). The fare is $1.00. (Note that Caltrain does not run on weekends.)

SamTrans also runs many buses from parts of the Peninsula into downtown San Francisco. The stop at 8th and Mission is only one block south of the hotel, at 8th and Market. A third option would be to drive to the Colma or Daly City BART stations and take BART to Civic Center station.

From the North Bay: Golden Gate Transit provides bus service into downtown San Francisco, and ferry service that connects to the MUNI F streetcar line at the ferry building.


Exit BART at the Civic Center Station It is most safe, convenient, and warm to leave the station at the 8th Street exit on the left. Get off the train, exit the toll gate, and walk west as far as possible inside the station concourse, following signs to 8th Street / Market Street. Continue heading west for half a block to the hotel entrance.


ACTransit: 510-839-2931;

SamTrans/CalTrain: 1-800-660-4287;

Muni: 415-673-6864;

Golden Gate Transit: 415-455-2000 (Marin County); 707-541-2000 (Sonoma County);


Bay Area TravInfo: 817-1717 (can supply info on all transit systems from any local area code)

Oakland airport ground transportation:
(comprehensive list, with phone numbers, of shuttle services, most of which also serve SFO).

SFO ground transportation: Ground Transportation at the top of the main page).

For attendees who choose to drive, the following directions are from the Hotel's web site:

From San Francisco International Airport/Peninsula/South Bay: Take Highway 101 North into San Francisco. Take the Civic Center Exit. Stay in the left-hand lane onto 9th Street (a northbound one-way street). Continue on 9th Street to Market Street. Make a right turn (Eastward) on Market Street. The Ramada Plaza Hotel International is between 9th and 8th Street on the right side (South side).

From the East Bay: Take Highway 80 West crossing the Bay Bridge (Bridge Toll $2.00) to San Francisco. Stay on the 80 West (2nd lane from the right) until exiting on the 9th Street/Civic Center Exit. Once on the exit ramp, stay in the right hand lane to 9th Street (which is a northbound one-way street). Make a right turn on 9th Street. Continue past Mission Street, turn right on Market Street. The Ramada Plaza Hotel International is between 9th and 8th Street on the right side (South side).

From the North Bay: Take Highway 101 South across the Golden Gate Bridge (Bridge Toll Southbound). Continue on Highway 101 South to Lombard Street. Continue on Lombard Street to Van Ness Street. Make a right turn on to Van Ness Street. Continue to Golden Gate Avenue (approximately 1 1/2 miles). After passing Turk Street, take a left turn on Golden Gate Avenue. Go three blocks and take a right turn on Hyde Street (which is a one-way Southbound Street). Go three blocks and cross Market Street. Hyde becomes 8th when it crosses Market. The Hotel is on Market between 8th and 9th.

Upon arrival at the Ramada Plaza Hotel International, park temporarily in front of the hotel to register and allow the doorman to assist you with your luggage.

Welcome to San Francisco! Welcome to Potlatch!


The Concom


Karen Schaffer


Lyn Paleo


Cynthia Gonsalves & Lyn Paleo

Hotel Liaison

Guy Thomas & Debbie Notkin


Lisa Hirsch & Shannon Appelcline


Linda McAllister & Lenny Bailes


Ellen Siegel & Lenny Bailes


Ruth Lafler


Debbie Notkin & Janet Lafler


Linda McAllister

Tiptree Bake Sale & Afternoon Tea

Ruth Leibig

Writers Workshop

Zed Lopez

Dealers’ Room

Dave Clark

Volunteer Coordinator

Matt Austern


Allen Baum


Potlatch 12 Members

Kat Angeli

Cynthia Gonsalves

Elizabeth Lynn

D. Potter

Matt Austern

Sarah Goodman

Laura Majerus

Susan Reitz

Freddie Baer

Kelly Green

Marci Malinowycz

Neil Rest

Lenny Bailes

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Eileen Gunn

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Holly Bell

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Jeanne Bowman

Robert Hole

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Ian Stockdale

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Jordin Kare

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Spike Parsons

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Tom Whitmore

Doug Faunt

Ruth Leibig

Patty Peters

Art Widner

Moshe Feder

David Levine

Berni Phillips

Gayle Wiesner

Suszy Fox

John Lorentz

Dawn Plaskon

Kate Yule

Kathy Fulton

Candace Lowe

D. Potter

Dawn Ziegler


Registration Form

Please complete a separate registration form for each person who is attending Potlatch.

___ $20 youths 11-17

___ $40 Nov. 1, 2002 to Feb. 8, 2003 ___ $10 supporting
___ $45 at the door ___ free for children 10 and under
___ $25 Banquet ___ $15 - t-shirt, to be picked up at the
____Half roast chicken convention Specify size: M, L, XL, 1X, 2X,
____Pasta primavera 3X, 4X
____Eggplant Napoleon

Please make checks payable to Clarion West/Potlatch 12.

Name ________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________


E-mail _____________________________Phone________________________(optional)

I also want to: __ volunteer __ participate in the program

Please send checks and registration forms to:

Potlatch 12
6405 Regent St.
Oakland CA 94618


Potlatch 12

6405 Regent St.
Oakland CA 94618