Potlatch 14
March 4-6, 2005
Ramada Hotel International, San Francisco

Potlatch 14 Progress Report 2

Potlatch 14, March 4-6, San Francisco


1. Co-Chair's Welcome
2. Hotel Report
3. Programming Report
4. Casting Call
5. Writer's Workshop
6. Dealer's Room
7. What to Do Before, After, or Between Conventions
8. Website Updates and Shiny New Links
9. Registration Information and Membership
10. Committee Members

1. Co-Chair's Welcome

Not long ago, I was riding BART into San Francisco. A young man asked
me about the book I was reading, which happened to be by Philip K.
Dick. We struck up a little conversation about science fiction.
Later, when I told Matt about this conversation, he asked "Did you
invite him to Potlatch?"

No, darn it, I didn't. Don't you make the same mistake!

Every year I try to get new people to come to Potlatch, sometimes
successfully, sometimes not. None of the ones who have come were
disappointed. Maybe you have a co-worker with whom you sometimes talk
about SF. What about that guy you see on the bus during your morning
commute, the one who seems to read a lot of fantasy? (Not that you're
nosy, but if you're like me you can't help but look to see what the
person in the next seat is reading.) What have you got to lose by
spreading the word about Potlatch? Which, by the way, is going to be
a fantastic con -- as you will learn if you read what my fellow
committee members have to say!

-- Janet Lafler, co-chair

2. Hotel Report

If you've been following Bay Area news, you might have heard about
some very unpleasant labor problems. It began as a strike by workers
at 14 San Francisco hotels, but it's been a lockout for more than a

The good news, for those who were concerned: this doesn't affect us.
Our hotel, the Ramada Plaza, is fully unionized and it's not involved
in the lockout.

(The other good news is that Mayor Gavin Newsom has proved to be a
very different kind of mayor than many people feared. He's made it
clear that he's on the side of the workers, and even joined them on
the picket line one day.)

So come to Potlatch, make your room reservations at the Ramada Plaza,
and be nice to the hotel staff!

To contact the Ramada Plaza, visit http://www.ramadaplazasf.com, or
phone (415) 626-8000. For toll-free reservations, call (800) 227-4747
or (888) 298-2054.

3. Programming Report

There's a lot of interesting stuff already planned to entertain and
engage at Potlatch 14 -- but that doesn't mean there isn't still room
for more.

So far, we have panels on cops in the future, Rudy Rucker's
Transrealism, the representation of drugs in SF, our Book of Honor
panel, and more. Our ringleaders include Rudy Rucker, Bruce
Gillespie, and Debbie Notkin.

We're still looking for at least one ringleader, and if you've always
wanted to have most of a convention looking at you while you sit
behind a table and opine, now's your chance! If you'd like to be on
programming, please contact programming@potlatch-sf.org, and I'll
pass your name and interest on to our collection of ringleaders.

And, there's still space if you've just had the best idea for a
Potlatch panel ever -- though that's running out, so if you do, get
it to us ASAP.

We will also be providing space in the schedule for what we call
"Algonquins" - smaller, more informal discussions, round-table style.

And if you just want to come and watch the programming, that's fine
too. I think we've got a great mix for you to enjoy.

4. Casting Call

At Potlatch 12, our Saturday night entertainment was a staged reading
of "The Ballad of Lost C'mell," a story from our book of honor. This
year, we're planning a dramatic presentation with the working title,
"The Complete Works of Philip K. Dick (Abridged)."

We need actors.

Please note that
-- You will not have to memorize anything.
-- We will have plenty of parts. Most will mainly consist of
speaking/reading, but some will be partly or primarily physical.
-- The way the performance is structured, it can be rehearsed in
small groups. This should make it easy to arrange rehearsals around
people's busy schedules. Also, it means that you can participate even
if you live outside the Bay Area.
-- We will have a short technical run-through during the convention,
some time before the performance. The exact time and location of this
rehearsal will be announced in PR3.

This could be the big break you've been waiting for! If you're
interested in performing, please contact Janet Lafler at

5. Writers' Workshop

Potlatch not only benefits the Clarion West writers' workshop, it
also hosts a Clarion-style workshop at the con. It's a great
opportunity to get a taste of Clarion, while honing your craft with
fellow writers and our instructors.

a. The Instructors

Howard V. Hendrix is the author of Lightpaths, Standing Wave, Better
Angels, Empty Cities of the Full Moon, The Labyrinth Key, and dozens
of short stories.

Rachel Holmen was the publisher of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy
Magazine, and co-edited Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Worlds.

Debbie Notkin is a consulting editor for Tor, and co-edited The James
Tiptree Award Anthology 1.

b. The Workshop

The workshop will be organized into small groups, each led by one of
the instructors. In a Clarion-style workshop, everyone reads and
critiques all the stories in advance of the workshop meeting. To
register, each participant submits a story, and copies will be mailed
to every participant in his or her group about a month before the con.

At the workshop meeting itself, the participants and instructor sit
in a circle. The instructor chooses which story to critique, and
starting with the person next to the story's author, the other
participants give their critiques, going around the circle. The
instructor may enforce a time limit on the comments. The author
remains silent during his or her story's critique and the instructor
always critiques last. Finally, the author has a chance to comment on
the critiques and ask questions, and there is some time for general

This is repeated for the rest of the stories.

Potlatch will be providing workshop participants with a lunch catered
by the Con Suite.

c. Registering for the Workshop

To participate in the workshop, you must be a registered member of
Potlatch. Choose a complete science fiction or fantasy story of yours
of up to 5000 words, and print it out in correct manuscript format.
Make five complete photocopies, each copy stapled or paper-clipped
together, and mail them to:

Zed Lopez
PO Box 12546
Berkeley, CA 94712

Previous writing experience is not necessary, but please include a
brief description of what your writing background is. ("This is my
first story" would suffice, if appropriate.) Please also enclose a
check for $15 (for postage, lunch, and other workshop expenses) made
out to Clarion West/Potlatch 14.

Your submission must be postmarked on or before January 31, 2005.
This deadline is firm to allow time to forward the manuscripts to all
participants and instructors and give them time to read and critique
them. Please plan accordingly.

For more information, please check
http://www.potlatch-sf.org/workshop.html. If you have further
questions, please send them to: workshop@potlatch-sf.org.

6. Dealer's Room Report

The Potlatch Dealers Room is filling up quickly now. As usual, we'll
have plenty of books, with maybe some surprises. Come get your
SF/fantasy wants from some of our friendly merchants. Those with
questions should contact DaveClark42@cs.com.

Tentative Hours:
Friday 4 PM to 7 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM to 7 PM
Sunday 9:30 AM to 1 PM

7. What to Do Before, After, or Between Conventions

If you're coming in early for Corflu, or are otherwise tacking time
on to visit the area before or after Potlatch, and if you might be
interested in playing tourist during the intervening days, this is
for you. There's plenty to do and see in San Francisco itself, and
we can give you advice on that based on your personal interests. But
there's also much to do outside of the City, for most of which a car
would be needed, which you might not have. And it may be more fun to
do these as a group anyway. David Bratman will be coordinating day
trips out of the City for both Corflu and Potlatch. Write him at
dbratman@earthlink.net if you're interested in any of these

*bookstore-wallowing and walking tour of historic Sixties
Berkeley (to be reached by public transit; other trips would be by
*Philip K. Dick homage tour: the original little hi-fi shop
that inspired so many of his novels is still standing (though now it
sells health food), and so are many of his homes, including the one
that suffered that mysterious break-in in 1971
*wine-country tour of the Napa Valley, also including locales
from Ursula K. Le Guin's _Always Coming Home_
*driving tour of historic Silicon Valley: Marvel at the
mighty phallic shapes of the Stanford Linear Accelerator and Hoover
Tower! Gaze at the venerable and genuine HP and Apple garages!
Wonder at the original Byte Shop, now a porno store! See where Jobs,
Wozniak, _and_ Allen Baum went to high school! Get lost inside the
bizarre Winchester Mystery House!
*expedition down the colorful coast to Santa Cruz, Carmel,
and Monterey, including the Monterey Bay Aquarium
*a day in Sacramento, at the state capitol and Sutter's Fort,
also stopping at the University of California at Davis and the Jelly
Belly plant and factory store
*walking/moderate hiking in scenic Marin: Muir Woods, Mount
Tamalpais, Stinson Beach.
*something else that catches your fancy? (Sorry, Yosemite is
too far for a reasonable day trip)

If there's enough interest, we may organize group trips for one or
more of these. Let us know which ones most interest you.

8. Website Updates and Shiny New Links

The Potlatch 14 website has been updated with a page of Philip K. Dick
literary links at http://www.potlatch-sf.org/pkd.html

The Book of Honor page links include a preview of the first chapter
of "A Scanner Darkly," Charlie Kaufman's screenplay for "A Scanner
Darkly," Robert Crumb's "The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick,"
"The Philip K. Dick walking tour of San Francisco," "The PK
Dicktionary" (a glossary of coined terms from PKD novels), as well as
a series of bibliographic and critical links.

9. Have You Registered for Potlatch -14? Now's the Time

We have 87 members already registered - about half of the number we
expect. So tip the scales and join the fun! It's only $45 ($50 at
the door) for adults; $20 for persons age 11 - 17 and free for
persons 10 years and under. Advanced registration closes on Feb. 15,

There are two ways to register for Potlatch-14.
By mail:
Fill out the registration form below and mail it to:
c/o Lyn Paleo
PO Box 5328
Berkeley, CA 94705

By PayPal:
Got to our website's registration page and follow the instructions.

Towards the end of the year, we will start selling tickets for the
tasty banquet held before the auction on Sunday, AND we will accept
advanced orders for Freddie Baer's fabulous T-shirt that she'll make
especially for this convention. There will be a limited number of
these t-shirts, so please place your order in advance. Watch the
website for the announcement of when these two items are available.
(Members will receive an e-mail notice.) And, yes, you may buy these
on paypal, as well as by check.

Current Members (November 18, 2004)
Aqueduct Press
Matt Austern
Freddie Baer
Lenny Bailes
Elizabeth Bales-Stutes
Allen Baum
Tom Becker
Jack Bell
Alan Bostick
David Bratman
Claire Brialey
Bertina Bryant
Jack Calvert
Suzy Charnas
Dick Clark
Richard Coad
Scott Custis
Jules Dickinson
Lise Eisenberg
Doug Faunt
Jack Foy
Bruce Gillespie
Jeanne Gomoll
Cynthia Gonsalves
Eileen Gunn
Glenn Hackney
Jed Hartman
Jane Hawkins
Lisa Hirsch
Rachel Holmen
Marilyn Holt
Denys Howard
Bill Humphries
Vylar Kaftan
Jordin Kare
Mary Kay Kare
Sean Klein
Janet Lafler
Ruth Leibig
Hope Leibowitz
David Levine
Robert Lichtman
Zed Lopez
Candace Lowe
Marci Malinowycz
Aahz Maruch
Stef Maruch
Gary Mattingly
Linda McAllister
Rich McAllister
Debra McCall
Luke McGuff
Vonda McIntyre
Paul Moslander
Fred Moulton
Kevin Murphy
Debbie Notkin
Lyn Paleo
Spike Parsons
Patty Peters
Berni Phillips
Dawn Plaskon
Mark Plummer
D. Potter
Shannon Prickett
Neil Rest
Anita Rowland
Rudy Rucker
Ruth Sachter
Peggy Rae Sapienza
Kate Schaefer
Karen Schaffer
Steven Schwartz
Lori Selke
Ellen Siegel
Kevin Standlee
Ian Stockdale
Joan Symons
Fred Teti
Mike Ward
Jean Weber
Peter Weston
Donya Hazard White
Tom Whitmore
Art Widner
Clifford Wind
Kate Yule

Registration Form
Please complete a separate registration form for each person who is
attending Potlatch.
____$45 Nov. 15, 2004 - Feb. 15, 2005
___ $50 at the door
___ $20 youths 11 - 17 years
___ $10 supporting (non-attending)
___ free for children 10 and under

Please make checks payable to Clarion West/Potlatch 14.

Name _________________________
Address _______________________

E-mail _________ Phone (optional) ______________

I also want to:
___ volunteer
___ participate in the program
___participate in writers' Workshop

To reduce our printing and mailing costs, we are sending progress
reports by e-mail. We will not share your e-mail address with any
organization other than the next Potlatch concom. If you wish to
receive paper copies of progress reports, check here:___

Please send checks and registration forms to
c/o Lyn Paleo
PO Box 5328
Berkeley, CA 94705

10. Committee Members

Co-chairs: Steven Schwartz and Janet Lafler
Treasurer: Lyn Paleo and Ian Stockdale
Registration: Cynthia Gonsalves
Hotel Liaison: Matt Austern
Publications: Lori Selke
Publicity: Lenny Bailes
Webmaster: Lenny Bailes
Consuite: Ellen Siegel and Ruth Leibig
Programming: Steven Schwartz and Lori Selke
Auction: David Bratman
Dealers' Room: Dave Clark
Tiptree Bake Sale and Afternoon Tea: Debbie Notkin
Writers Workshop: Zed Lopez