Potlatch 14 Progress Report 2.5: Breaking News!

1. Hotel room rates drop!
2. Banquet news!
3. Volunteers needed!

1. Hotel Rates Drop!

Breaking news! The nice people at the Ramada Plaza Hotel gave us a phone
call last week: their Internet room rates just came down, and they decided
to give us the same reduction. Our room rate for Potlatch is now only $89
a night, an astonishingly good price for San Francisco. If you've already
made your reservation, call the hotel again at (415) 626-8000 to make sure
they give you the new rate. If you haven't, then what are you waiting

2. Banquet News!

Pssst! The Potlatch Banquet will be a Sunday brunch, and tickets will soon
be available for $25 apiece.

3. Volunteers Needed!

Interested in volunteering? We can use:

* Help with registration, especially on Friday afternoon
* Help in the consuite
* Help in setting up the bake sale and tea
* Lovely assistants for the auction
* Gophers
* Scribes to take notes during panels

Email volunteers@potlatch-sf.org

Look for PR3 to come your way soon!