Potlatch 14
March 4-6, 2005
Ramada Hotel International, San Francisco

Potlatch 14 Progress Report 3


1. Greetings from the Chairs
2. Hotel and Banquet Report
3. Programming Report
4. Saturday Evening Programming
5. Algonquins
6. The James Tiptree Jr. Award Bake Sale
7. The Clarion West Auction
8. Writer's Workshop
9. Consuite
10. Dealer's Room
11. Volunteers Needed!
12. How Not to Drive to Potlatch
13. Tips on Dining
14. Between the Cons/Before the Con
15. Schedule Highlights
16. Registration Information and Membership
17. Committee Members

1. Greetings from the Chairs

By Janet Lafler and Steven Schwartz

Things are looking good. We've got the usual superb line-up of stuff to
do, drawing on the contributions of both our ever-reliable Potlatch
regulars and the new talent we've managed to collar, corral, and seduce.

We have a fabulous slate of panels. As always, these are supplemented by
Algonquins (informal programming) on all sorts of subjects. All of this
takes place in a beautiful space that has served us well before. If you
can tear yourself away from our fine consuite or beguiling dealer's room,
you'll find that we have many events planned: Saturday afternoon tea and
Tiptree bake sale, a dramatic presentation on Saturday night, the Sunday
brunch banquet, and the Clarion West Scholarship Fund auction.

Plus, we know we can count on you, our members, to bring everything to
life. See you at the con!

2. Hotel and Banquet Report

by Matt Austern

The nice people at the Ramada Plaza Hotel gave us a phone call the other
week: their Internet room rates just came down, and they decided to give
us the same reduction. Our room rate for Potlatch is now only $89 a
night, an astonishingly good price for San Francisco. If you've already
made your reservation, call the hotel again at (415) 626-8000 to make sure
they give you the new rate. If you haven't, then what are you waiting

The Potlatch Banquet will be a Sunday buffet-style brunch, and tickets are
available for $25 apiece. You may purchase them by paypal or a check --
see info below under registration.

3. Programming Report

by Steven Schwartz

We're coming down to the homestretch here, and while Philip K. Dick may
have asserted that reality was thermoplastic, not thermosetting (in other
words, the more heat you put it under, the more it gives), the programming
schedule and panelists are starting to set into place.

There's still time if you want to volunteer to appear on a panel. For
those of you who've done it many times, you know how much fun it can be.
For those of you who've never appeared on one in your life, and might be
intimidated by who you appear with, let me tell you now: Potlatch is a
great place to stick your toes into the paneling waters, with sympathetic
(and not overly large) audiences.

Some of the panels we're looking forward to include:

The Book of Honor panel, to be led by Bruce Gillespie;Rudy Rucker's
Transrealism; Better
Fiction Through Chemistry; Do Electric Sheep Look Up?; a panel on law
enforcement in the future; a panel on the art of turning books (especially
PKD's books) into film; and a panel on the future of education.

If any of those inspire you, or all of them do, drop us a line at
programming@potlatch-sf.org, and we'll put you in touch with the panel
ringleaders. If you've contacted us and haven't heard back, you should
very soon -- but a reminder never hurts. Also, if there's a particular
panel that leaps out at you, let us know that as well; we can't guarantee
you'll be on it, but we can certainly try.

4. Saturday Evening Programming

by Janet Lafler

At the last San Francisco Potlatch, our Saturday night programming was a
staged reading of "The Ballad of Lost C'mell," a story from our Book of
Honor. It was well-attended (possibly because the consuite was closed
during the performance) and well-received. This year, we're doing another
staged reading related to our Book of Honor, but we've taken it in a
somewhat different, and more ambitious, direction. We call it "The
Complete Works of Philip K. Dick (Abridged)." It's hard to say more
without giving stuff away. So come to the performance and see the latest
in avant-garde experimental drama -- or at least have a good laugh.

5. Algonquins

by Lenny Bailes

Formal panels are only part of Potlatch programming; the other part is the
Algonquins. Algonquins can be author's readings, discussions of science
fiction, discussions on other topics, or anything else that appeals to a
group of Potlatch members. On Saturday, Algonquins can take place in the
conference room that we've reserved for them. Throughout the convention,
Algonquins can take place at any other time and place. They can be
pre-arranged or happen spontaneously: over meals, in people's rooms, or
even outside the hotel.

We're currently trying to come up with interesting ideas to seed some
pre-arranged Algonquins. If you have any suggestions and would like us to
reserve time in the conference room, please feel free to contact me (Lenny
Bailes: lennyb@speakeasy.net) about scheduling. As in the past, we'll have
a bulletin board where you can post information about any Algonquins
you're organizing. (Again, these can be on any subject you like, related
to main panel programming, or not.)

Authors who are interested in doing at-Con readings of their work: we'll
have a small number of timeslots available for this, on Saturday, in the
Algonquin room. Author readings can also happen, throughout the
convention,in other places, at your discretion at any time. (We would like
to encourage everyone to attend the main panel programming.) If you're
interested in doing an author reading, please contact Lenny Bailes.

6. The James Tiptree Jr. Award Bake Sale

by Debbie Notkin

The James Tiptree Award honors works of science fiction and fantasy that
explore and expand gender roles. One way the award finances this work is
through bake sales: "If you can't change the world with chocolate chip
cookies, how can you change the world?"

If you're a baker, we'd love it if you brought some home-made yummies to
the convention_suitable for being served in individual portions, and with
an ingredient list please. Contributions can be dropped off at the con
suite. Whether or not you're a baker, bring your appetite!

7. Clarion West Auction

by David Bratman

Don't forget that annual and spectacular event, the Clarion West
scholarship auction of books and sundry miscellanea. We're still accepting
donations to support the tax-deductible Clarion West Writers Workshop,
yes, even at the con, and an online catalog of some of the items already
donated will be available at the Potlatch website a couple weeks before
the con.

A silent auction will begin early in the con. Items attracting particular
interest or that we think will be fun will be held over to the voice
auction on Sunday, where you may thrill to our witty auctioneers and
tireless runners. Bring your cash and checkbooks, support Clarion West,
and take home goodies.

For more info, contact David Bratman at auction@potlatch-sf.org.

8. Writers Workshop

by Zed Lopez

Manuscripts for the Writers Workshop must be postmarked no later than
January 31. This deadline is firm, as the advance time is necessary to
redistribute the manuscripts before the con. For details, please
consult the website:


If you are participating, you can expect to receive the manuscripts of
the other participants in your group in mid-February. Please remember
that you must be a member of Potlatch to participate.

We look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions, please write


9. Consuite

Don't forget to visit the Potlatch Consuite for regular doses of
refreshment for body and spirit! The consuite will be open from 4pm Friday
afternoon through the end of the con on Sunday afternoon (with a few
breaks for sleep and key programming events!), serving innovative
comestibles and stimulating conversations. Be sure to join us for our
featured Saturday night chocolate fondue! A detailed schedule will be
provided with registration materials.

10. Dealer's Room


Book Universe
Borderlands Books
Cargo Cult Books & Notions
The Other Change of Hobbit
Tachyon Publications
Lioness: Jewelry and Ornament for People and Places

Dealer Room Hours (tentative):

Friday 4 PM to 7 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM to 7 PM
Sunday 9:30 AM to 1 PM

11. Volunteers Needed!

Interested in volunteering? We can use:

* Help with registration, especially on Friday afternoon
* Help in the consuite
* Help in setting up the bake sale and tea
* Lovely assistants for the auction
* Gophers
* Scribes to take notes during panels

Email volunteers@potlatch-sf.org

12. How Not to Drive to Potlatch

If you can avoid driving to Potlatch, we recommend that you not drive. San
Francisco is an easy walking city, and there are BART and streetcars and
buses and taxis all around. The Ramada Plaza Hotel is literally a few
steps from the Civic Center station of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
system (http://www.bart.gov), which runs 16-20 hours a day and, except at
the height of rush hour, is pretty luggage-friendly. Trains typically run
every 20 minutes. You can leave your car for free at various outlying
BART stations over the weekend and up to 24 hours on weekdays without a

Out-of-towners should fly into the San Francisco (SFO) airport; easy
public transit access is also available from Oakland (OAK). BART now runs
directly into SFO - yes! The station is immediately adjacent to the
International terminal. From the domestic (and Canadian) terminals, take
the continuously-running AirTrain (free inter-terminal shuttle train) to
the BART station. Fare to downtown is $4.95. The trip takes about 30

OAK is only a little more complicated. Outside its two terminals there
are stops for the AirBART bus, which runs every 15 minutes to the nearby
BART station. AirBART fare is $2, BART fare is $3.15. AirBART takes
15-30 minutes depending on traffic; BART takes about 25 minutes.

BART ticket machines take U.S. coins and currency up to $20 bills, but
won't issue more than $5 change. Each person needs a separate ticket.
AirBART (the OAK bus) is payable in exact change, or tickets can be
purchased from machines in the airport.

By comparison, a shuttle van from SFO will cost at least $12, and taxis
have been quoted between $25 and $45. It's somewhat higher from OAK.

Once you've arrived at the Civic Center station and taken the escalator up
(elevators are also available), exit the station by the agent's booth
ahead of you. You'll be in an underground lobby. Take the long corridor
directly in front of you, just to the right of the flower stand. At its
end take the 8th Street exit, a staircase and one-way escalator that put
you directly in front of the hotel's main entrance, and there you are. If
the escalator is not running and you don't wish to take the stairs, also
at the end of the corridor is the Civic Center exit, which has a two-way
escalator. If you exit here, turn around and the hotel is directly across
Market Street, to the right of the bank.

Drivers who wish to park at the hotel should pull into the garage entrance
around the corner on 8th Street (driving directions are at
http://www.ramadaplazasf.com/Location.htm) where they can park
temporarily, and ask at registration for a permit available only to
registered guests. This allows unlimited in-and-out access at $20/day
plus tax, space available. There are also public parking lots in the
vicinity, of which the largest convenient one is the underground Civic
Center garage, entrance on McAllister Street east of Polk. This costs $2
for the first hour going up to $22 for 24 hours, and it's closed from 1 AM
to 8 AM (12:30 to 6 on weekdays), though you can leave your car there
during those hours.

13. Tips on Dining in Civic Center

by Your Native Guide

There are a number of excellent restaurants within a few blocks of the
hotel. Unfortunately, on a Friday or Saturday night it can be difficult or
impossible to get a table at some places without a reservation. Therefore,
we suggest that you make a reservation two to three weeks in advance if
you want to eat at any of the following restaurants: Absinthe, Bistro
Clovis, Cafe Delle Stelle, Citizen Cake, Hayes Street Grill, Indigo,
Jardiniere, Paul K, and Zuni Café. Reservations are doubly advised if
you're planning to eat dinner outside the Civic Center neighborhood. If
you're not sure, http://sanfrancisco.citysearch.com/ has reliable
information on hours, locations, whether and how to make a reservation,
and other useful stuff. Reservations for some of these restaurants can be
made at http://www.opentable.com. Of course, there are plenty of good,
casual restaurants in the area as well, and they may be easier to get
into. Still, it never hurts to reserve a table -- you can always cancel if
your plans change. The good news is that you'll want reservations on the
early side, which often makes things a little easier: Friday's planned
dinner break is 6:00 - 8:00 PM, and Saturday's is 6:00 - 8:30 PM.

14. Between the Cons/Before the Con

One event tentatively planned for between Corflu and Potlatch is Don
Herron's highly recommended tour of Dashiell Hammett's San Francisco.
It's scheduled for Monday afternoon Feb. 28, the day after Corflu and a
few days before Potlatch. To give the tour, Don usually needs at least
ten participants, so please write to info@corflu.org if you're interested.
Fee for the tour is $10. Info on the tour is at

And if you're interested in Corflu, the literary fanzine fans' convention,
which is being held at the Holiday Inn around the corner on Feb. 25-27,
you can also write to info@corflu.org or visit their website at
http://www.corflu.org .

15. Schedule Highlights

4:00 p.m. Registration, consuite, and dealers' room open
8:30 p.m. Book of Honor panel

8:30 a.m. Consuite opens
9:30 a.m. Dealers' room opens
10:00 a.m. Programming begins

11:30 a.m. Break for lunch!

1:00 p.m. Afternoon programming begins
3:45 p.m. Break for Tiptree Bake Sale and afternoon tea
4:30 p.m. Programming resumes
6:00 p.m. Break for dinner
9:00 p.m. Evening programming begins

8:30 a.m. Consuite opens
9:30 a.m. Dealers' room opens
10:00 a.m. Programming begins
11:30 a.m. Banquet
1:00 p.m. Auction
3:00 p.m. Final panel

16. Registration and Membership

There are two ways to register for Potlatch-14.

By mail:
Fill out the registration form and mail it to the address listed below.

By PayPal:
Got to our website's registration page and follow the instructions.

Registration Form
Please complete a separate registration form for each person who is
attending Potlatch.
____$45 Nov. 15, 2004 - Feb. 15, 2005
___ $50 at the door
___ $20 youths 11 - 17 years
___ $10 supporting (non-attending)
___ free for children 10 and under

___ $25 Sunday Brunch banquet ticket

Please make checks payable to Clarion West/Potlatch 14.

Name ______________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________

E-mail _____________________________________

Phone (optional) ______________________________

I also want to:
___ volunteer
___ participate in the program
___ participate in writers' Workshop

Please send checks and registration forms to
c/o Lyn Paleo
PO Box 5328
Berkeley, CA 94705

Potlatch 14 Members:

Below is the list of current Potlatch-14 members as of January 20, 2004.
If you have registered and do not see your name below, please send email
to: registration@potlatch-sf.org

Aqueduct Press
Matt Austern
Freddie Baer
Lenny Bailes
Elizabeth Bales-Stutes
Allen Baum
Tom Becker
Jack Bell
Alan Bostick
Jeanne Bowman
David Bratman
Claire Brialey
Bertina Bryant
Jack Calvert
Suzy Charnas
Dick Clark
Richard Coad
Marcia Crump
Scott Custis
Jules Dickinson
Lise Eisenberg
Doug Faunt
Jack Foy
Bruce Gillespie
David Goldfarb
Jeanne Gomoll
Cynthia Gonsalves
Eileen Gunn
Glenn Hackney
Angelina Hanley
Jed Hartman
Jane Hawkins
Elizabeth Henry
Lisa Hirsch
Rachel Holmen
Marilyn Holt
Denys Howard
Bill Humphries
Vylar Kaftan
Jordin Kare
Mary Kay Kare
Lucy Kemnitzer
Sean Klein
Janet Lafler
Ruth Leibig
Hope Leibowitz
David Levine
Robert Lichtman
Eric Lindsay
Zed Lopez
Candace Lowe
Bradford Lyau
Marci Malinowycz
Nick Mamatas
Aahz Maruch
Stef Maruch
Gary Mattingly
Linda McAllister
Rich McAllister
Debra McCall
Luke McGuff
Vonda McIntyre
Brin-Marie McLaughlin
John McLaughlin
Rebecca Morn
Paul Moslander
Fred Moulton
Kevin Murphy
Gerald Nordley
Debbie Notkin
Lyn Paleo
Spike Parsons
Brenda Paske
Patty Peters
Berni Phillips
Dawn Plaskon
Mark Plummer
D. Potter
Shannon Prickett
Dr. Marie Rengstorff
Neil Rest
Anita Rowland
Rudy Rucker
Ruth Sachter
Peggy Rae Sapienza
Kate Schaefer
Karen Schaffer
Steven Schwartz
Lori Selke
Wendy Shaffer
Ellen Siegel
Jeffrey Soesbe
Kevin Standlee
Ian Stockdale
Joan Symons
Fred Teti
Mike Ward
Jean Weber
Peter Weston
Donya Hazard White
Tom Whitmore
Art Widner
Gayle Wiesner
Clifford Wind
Kate Yule

We believe that we've lost one registration check. If you do not see your
name above, please contact us at registration@potlatch-sf.org

17. Committee Members

Co-chairs: Steven Schwartz and Janet Lafler
Treasurer: Lyn Paleo and Ian Stockdale
Registration: Cynthia Gonsalves
Hotel Liaison: Matt Austern
Publications: Lori Selke
Publicity: Lenny Bailes
Webmaster: Lenny Bailes
Consuite: Ellen Siegel and Ruth Leibig
Programming: Steven Schwartz and Lori Selke
Auction: David Bratman
Dealers' Room: Dave Clark
Tiptree Bake Sale and Afternoon Tea: Debbie Notkin
Writers Workshop: Zed Lopez
Volunteer Coordinator: Fred Teti