Potlatch 15 Book of Honor

Potlatch 15 is very pleased to announce its selection for Book of Honor: The Avram Davidson Treasury - edited by Robert Silverberg, and Grania Davis. We feel sure this collection, spanning the career of one of the bona fide masters of our field, will spawn a multitude of interesting conversations, beginning with Davidson's themes and ranging right across the speculative fiction field. Besides, we think you're all in for a really good read. Enjoy.

UPDATE 2/8/2006

It appears that The Avram Davidson Treasury has gone out of print in the US some time in 2005. If you haven't gotten a copy yet, and would like to, multiple used copies appear to be available through http://www.abebooks.com/ and also through www.amazon.com. It looks as if new copies of the trade paperback may still be available through www.amazon.co.uk. N.B. that shipping times will vary by vendor.

For more about Avram Davidson's life and work, visit http://www.avramdavidson.org/, a very useful site maintained by Henry Wessells.

-- Ulrika O'Brien, Chair

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