Potlatch 15 Nanoprogramming

Potlatch features nanoprogramming. But what's that? The nanoprogram is a means for members of the convention to extend and embellish the conversation that is Potlatch while it's still going on. Is the panel discussion youíre involved in too good to stop when you run out of time? Take it to the board room and keep on talking; thats nanoprogram. Do you want to host an expedition to a local bookstore, restaurant, or other destination that fans might otherwise miss? Pick a time and a meeting place, and put a notice at the nanoprograms sign-up sheet by the registration desk (or in hospitality). That's nanoprogramming too. So are meal expeditions centered around particular discussion topics or interest groups, so long as other Potlatch members are welcome to join. Nanoprogram can be whatever your creativity and interest light on. Some past nanoprogramming items include: a single malt whisky-tasting expedition to Capitol Hill, a discussion breakfast for fans of historical mysteries, and a dinner expedition for readers and commenters of the blog, Making Light. Do good, avoid evil, throw a party. Itís all nanoprogramming.

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