Potlatch 15: Clarion West Quick Sale Catalog, 2006

Description Author/Artist Title
Cygnet paperback 1964 Brian Aldiss Starswarm
Lancer paperback 1968 Brian W. Aldiss Report on Probability A
Pocket paperback 1967 Brian W. Aldiss & Harry Harrison, eds. Nebula Award Stories Number Two
Berkley paperback 1965 Kingsley Amis & Robert Conquest, eds. Spectrum 4
Berkley paperback 1966 Kingsley Amis & Robert Conquest, eds. Spectrum 5
Berkley paperback 1962 Kingsley Amis & Robert Conquest, eds. Spectrum II
NCTE trade paperback 2000 Charles M. Anderson & Marian M. MacCurdy, eds. Writing & Healing: Toward an Informed Practice
Warner hardcover 2002 Kevin J. Anderson Hidden Empire: The Saga of Seven Suns, Book 1
Tor hardcover 2001 Poul Anderson Conan the Rebel
Doubleday 1989; hardcover Lou Aronica, Shawna McCarthy, Amy Stout, Pat Brutto Full Spectrum 2
Tor hardcover 2001 Catherine Asaro Spherical Harmonic
French paperback 1966 Isaac Asimov Fondation (Foundation)
Collier paperback 1962 Isaac Asimov, ed. More Soviet Science Fiction
Avon paperback 1984 1st edition autographed Sharon Baker Quarreling, They Met the Dragon
Tor paperback 1995 John Barnes Mother of Storms
Warner Books hardcover, 2002 1st edition Steven Barnes Lion's Blood
Doubleday Foundation hardcover 1990 William Barton and Michael Capobiance Iris
Putnam hardcover 1960 Ben Barzman Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Harper Prism paperback 1995 Steven Baxter The Time Ships
DelRey paperback 1969, 13th printing Peter S. Beagle The Last Unicorn
Ace paperback 1989 James P. Blaylock Stone Giant
Ace hardcover 1999 Bruce Boxleitner Frontier Earth
Penguin CAF paperback 1981 T. Coraghessan Boyle Water Music
Bantam paperback 1962 Ray Bradbury The Martian Chronicles
Pocket Timescape paperback 1981 Terry Carr, ed. Fantasy Annual III
Pocket Timescape paperback 1981 Terry Carr, ed. Fantasy Annual IV
Ace paperback 1970 Terry Carr, ed. New Worlds of Fantasy #2
Del Rey paperback 1979 Terry Carr, ed. The Best Science Fiction Novellas of the Year #1
Pocket Timescape paperback 1981 Terry Carr, ed. The Best Science Fiction of the Year #10
hardcover Jeffrey A. Carver Eternity's End
Dolmen Press trade paperback 1971 Juanita Casey The Horse of Selene
Arbor House 1986; hardcover Suzy McKee Charnas Dorothea Dreams
Ballantine 1963; paperback, 1st ed Arthur C. Clarke Earthlight
Avon Books paperback 1988 2nd printing Paul Preuss Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime Vol. 2: Maelstrom
Avon Books paperback 1989 1st printing Paul Preuss Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime Vol. 3: Hide and Seek
Tor paperback 1997 Jo Clayton Drum Calls
Tor uncorrected proof 1997 Jo Clayton Drum Calls
DAW paperback 1979 Jo Clayton Maeve
Pocket paperback 1980 D. G. Compton Chronocules
Pocket paperback 1980 D. G. Compton The Steel Crocodile
Pocket paperback 1980 D. G. Compton The Unsleeping Eye
Berkley Medallion paperback 1955 Groff Conklin, ed. Science-Fiction Adventures in Mutation
Bantam paperback 1964 Groff Conklin, ed. Science-Fiction Thinking Machines
Timescape paperback 1981 Richard Cowper A Dream of Kinship
Pocket paperback 1981 Richard Cowper Profundis
Pocket paperback 1979 Richard Cowper The Road to Corlay
Ace 1989; uncorrected proof A. C. Crispin Starbridge
Dell paperback 1981 Jack Dann Junction
Avon Eos hardcover 2000 Dennis Danvers The Fourth World
Harper Collins Eos hardcover, 2002, missing jacket Dennis Danvers The Watch
Harper Collins trade paperback 2003 Dennis Danvers The Watch
Ballantine paperback 1984 Delacorte Diva
G.P. Putnam's Sons 1987 hardcover 1st edition Gene DeWeese Calvin Nullifier, The
Pocket 1988; paperback Gene DeWeese Star Trek: The Final Nexus
Ace hardcover 2001 William C. Dietz Deathday
Hill and Wang 1983 published play (hardcover) John DiFusco et al Tracers
John Murray paperback 1960 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Lost World
Tor advance reading copy 1997 David Drake Lord of the Isles
Harper Collins hardcover 1995 Daniel Easterman Night of the Apocalypse
Ace SF paperback 1982 Harlan Ellison Spider Kiss
Penguin 1979 Loren D. Estleman Dr. Jeykyll and Mr. Holmes
Ace paperback, 1954 Anthony Boucher & J. Francis McComas, Eds. The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction, 3rd Series
Ace paperback, 1965 Avram Davidson, Ed. The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction, 13th Series
Ace paperback, 1965 Avram Davidson, Ed. The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction, 14th Series
Ballantine paperback 1958 Joseph W. Ferman, ed. No Limits
Pocket/Timescape 1983; uncorrected proof John M. Ford The Dragon Waiting
Pocket 1980; paperback John M. Ford Web of Angels
Delacorte Press hardcover 1997, autographed Diana Gabaldon Drums of Autumn
Ace hardcover 1994 Craig Shaw Gardner Dragon Sleeping
Ballantine paperback 1972 David Gerrold Space Skimmer
Ballantine paperback 1973 David Gerrold The World of Star Trek
Permabook paperback 1962 H. L. Gold, ed. Bodyguard & 4 other short SF novels from Galaxy
Permabook paperback 1963 H. L. Gold, ed. Mind Partner and 8 other novelets from Galaxy
Firebrand Books paperback 1991 Jewelle Gomez The Gilda Stories
Tor advance uncorrected proofs 1999 Phyllis Gotlieb Violent Stars
Tor 2002; uncorrected proof Phyllis Gotlieb MindWorlds
St. Martin's hardcover, autographed, dust jacket poor Joe Haldeman All My Sins Remembered
Sphere paperback 1979 Robert Lee Hall Exit Sherlock Holmes
Del Rey paperback 1991 1st Barbara Hambly The Magicians of Night
Ballantine paperback, 1988 Barbara Hambly The Silicon Mage
DelRey paperback, 1983 Barbara Hambly The Walls of Air
Del Rey paperback 1988 Barbara Hambly Those who Hunt the Night
Del Rey paperback 1982 2nd printing Barbara Hambly Time of the Dark, The
Tor advance reading copy 1993 Harry Harrison The Hammer and the Cross
Franklin Watts 1988; hardcover signed M. Elayn Harvey Warhaven
Timescape paperback 1980 Paul Hazel Yearwood
Ace hardcover 1991 Howard V. Hendrix Better Angels
Berkley paperback 1979 Frank Herbert Soul Catcher
Berkley paperback 1966 Frank Herbert The Eyes of Heisenberg
Berkley paperback 1970 Frank Herbert Whipping Star
Tor bound manuscript  2000 David Herter Ceres Storm
Bantam Spectra paperback 1995 Robin Hobb Assassin's Apprentice
Pan paperback 1979 Robert Holdstock & Christopher Priest, eds. Stars of Albion
Popular Library paperback 1962 Shirley Jackson We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Signet paperback 1977 Ken Johnson Hounds of Dracula
Tor hardcover 1991 Janet Kagan Mirabile
St. Martin's Press uncorrected proof 1987 James Kahn Echo Vector, The
Warner Aspect trade paper  1999 Peg Kerr The Wild Swans
Tor hardcover 2001 J. Robert King Lancelot du Lethe
Bantam Books paperback 1985 T. E. D. Klein The Ceremonies
Fawcett paperback 1972 Damon Knight A For Anything
Pocket paperback 1967 Damon Knight, ed. Nebula Award Stories
Ballantine paperback 1959, anthology C. M. Kornbluth The Marching Morons
Andrew, McMeel & Parker paperback 1984 Gary Larson In Search of the Far Side
Pocket paperback 1980 Fritz Leiber The Sinful Ones
Macmillan paperback 1973 C. S. Lewis Out of the Silent Planet
Small Beer Press trade paperback 2001 Kelly Link Stranger Things Happen
St. Martin's/Marek, 1984 1st US James Lovelock and Michael Allaby The Greening of Mars
Berkley paperback 1976 Katherine MacLean Missing Man
Vintage books paperback 1975 1st printing Magoroh Maruyama and Arthur Harkins Cultures beyond the Earth
Bantam hardcover, 1997, 1st British ed Anne McCaffrey Freedom's Choice
HarperPrism 1998; hardcover Jack McDevitt Moonfall
Tor hardcover 2001 Terry McGarry Illumination
Pyramid paperback 1963 Dean McLaughlin The Fury from Earth
Ballantine paperback 1962 Walter M. Miller, Jr. Conditionally Human
St. Martin's 1992; hardcover James Morrow City of Truth
Houghton Mifflin hardcover 1997 Yannick Murphy The Sea of Trees
Tor uncorrected proof, 1997 Andre Norton & Sherwood Smith Derelict for Trade
Star paperback 1977 Edgar Pangborn A Mirror For Observers
Dell paperback 1980 Edgar Pangborn West of the Sun
Avon Eos hardcover 1998 Severna Park Hand of Prophecy
Ballantine trade paperback 1985 PEN Syndicated Fiction Project The Available Press/PEN Short Story Collection
The Crossing Press paperback play script 1980 Marge Piercy & Ira Wood The Last White Class
Berkley paperback 1986 Frederik Pohl Terror
Ballantine paperback 1970 Fletcher Pratt & L. Sprague de Camp Land of Unreason
Pyramid paperback  1976 Marta Randall Islands
Pocket paperback 1978 Marta Randall Journey
Tor paperback 1990 Kim Stanley Robinson Pacific Edge
Dell paperback 1980 Spider & Jeanne Robinson Stardance
Ace paperback 1979 Fred Saberhagen An Old Friend of the Family
Ace paperback 1980 Fred Saberhagen The Dracula Tape
Ace paperback 1978 Fred Saberhagen The Holmes-Dracula File
Ace paperback 1980, used Fred Saberhagen Thorn
Tor paperback 1994 Robert J. Sawyer End of an Era
Uncorrected proof Frank Schaefer Whose Song Is Sung
Forge uncorrected proof 2000 Richard Sears First Born
Crest paperback 1962 Clifford D. Simak Time Is the Simplest Thing
Atheneum bound proofs 1985 Stephanie A. Smith Snow-Eyes
Timescape paperback 1981 Robert Stallman The Captive
Berkley paperback 1987 Sara Stamey Wild Card Run
Arrow paperback 1962 Bram Stoker Dracula
Pyramid Books paperback 1963 Theodore Sturgeon, Clifford D. Simak, Murray Leinster 3 in 1
Ace paperback 1967 Thomas Burnett Swann The Weirwoods
Ace paperback 1977 (pub date not printed in book) Thomas Burnett Swann The Weirwoods
Bantam paperback 1965 Jonathan Swift Gulliver's Travel and Other Writings
Magnum paperback 1979 Rob Swigart A.K.A. A Cosmic Fable
Coronet paperback 1980 Rob Swigart The Time Trip
Ballantine paperback 1964 William Tenn The Human Angle
Ballantine paperback 1968 William Tenn The Square Root of Man
Roc paperback 2000 Maggy Thomas Broken Time
William Morrow hardcover 2003 Gary Tigerman The Orion Protocol
Zebra paperback 1978 Roy Torgeson, ed. Chrysalis 3
Zebra paperback 1979 Roy Torgeson, ed. Chrysalis 4
Oberon Press trade paperback 1973 W. D. Valgardson Bloodflowers
Berkley paperback 1987 Sydney J. Van Scyoc Drowntide
Berkley trade paperback John Varley Demon
Ace trade paperback 1999 John Varley Millennium
Ace paperback 1993 John Varley Steel Beach
Del Rey paperback 1984 Raymond L. Velasco, Compiler A Guide to the Star Wars Universe
Magnum Easy Eye/Lancer paperback 1968 Jules Verne Master of the World
Librairie Hachette paperback 1966 Jules Verne Vingt mille lieues sous les mers
Dell paperback 1978 Joan D. Vinge Fireship
hardcover - book club Joan D. Vinge The Snow Queen
Ballantine unrevised proofs 1999 Katie Waitman Divided, The
DAW paperback, 1993 1st Deborah Wheeler Jaydium
Pocket Timescape 1982 Cherry Wilder Second Nature
St. Martin's Press hardcover 1990 Kate Wilhelm Cambio Bay
Pie in the Sky Press trade paperback 1984 David Williams The Monkey Shines
Voyager trade paperback 2000 Tess Williams Sea As Mirror
Lancer paperback 1963 Jack Williamson The Humanoids
Tor paperback 1986 Gene Wolfe Free Live Free
Pocket Timescape 1982 Gene Wolfe The Claw of the Conciliator
Ace hardcover 1999 N. Lee Wood Bloodwright
HarperTrophy trade paperback 1975 Laurence Yep Dragonwings
Harper Prism hardcover 1999 George Zebrowski Cave of Stars

-- Kate Schaefer

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