Potlatch 19: March 5-7, 2010

Ramblings from the Chair

It's early January 2007 (a year I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around -- maybe because it seems so much closer to the end of the first decade of the 21st century) and Potlatch 16 is just 2 months away.

Here in Portland, progress is in the air. Literally. Free city-wide wi-fi is being installed in Portland and the Potlatch hotel is in the first area to be un-wired (http://www.metrofi.com/cities-16.html).

The other major change is more down-to-earth the bus mall (across the river) is being torn up for the Portland Mall Light Rail Project with many bus routes being relocated (http://trimet.org/buschanges/index.htm). It should have minimal effect on trips to Powells but just keep in mind that everything you knew about bus stops downtown is now wrong. The TriMet site is your pre-con friend for trip planning; we'll have current brochures and maps on hand along with other area guides.

As for Potlatch, the committee has been busy as you'll see below.

Please note that the hotel is full. See the home page for the latest info on alternatives. Our hotel is across the street from the Oregon Convention Center (http://www.oregoncc.org). I took a look at the CC schedule and noticed the weekend's listings include rubber stamp and scrapbooking events.

Page Fuller has taken on the Clarion West Scholarship Auction. Thank you Page!

Here's our basic schedule and what's where.

We get the Hospitality Suite Thursday afternoon. It's on the fourth floor (one of only 2 suites in the hotel). Hospitality officially opens Friday at 2pm but all helping hands are welcome to hang out in the meantime. Michael may be new to Potlatch but he's a veteran Hospitality runner and is having much fun planning Potlatch goodies that would be impractical on the OryCon scale. Hospitality plans to open at 8 am Saturday and Sunday and close late (we'll have the suite through Monday morning). Expect to see Oregon cheeses, chocolates, micro-brewed sodas and beers, good coffee, and much more. There will be room to relax and chat or play word games. Have a special request? Let Mike 'Czarcasm' Pinnick know at hospitality@potlatch-sf.org. But no chocolate fountains.

Thanks to Gail Gurman's discovering that Potlatch is here in Portland this year we will have a Tiptree Bake Sale which will be in Hospitality. Please let her know what you'll be bringing.

Registration will start at 2pm on Friday and will be in the Marquam room on the fifth floor. You'll also find Banquet ticket and Potlatch 16 T-shirt (artwork by Freddie Baer) sales, Nanoprogramming sign-ups, and tables for freebies, mathoms, flyers, restaurant menus, chatting, and much material for badge enhancements.

Dealers will be next door in the Fremont room, opening Friday 4-7 pm.

Programming is in the Broadway/St. Johns room at the end of the corridor.