Potlatch 17: Feb. 29 - March 2, 2008

What's New

Website Updates February 25, 2008
Online Membership purchasing closed. Members and Membership pages updated. Convention schedule added to Index page. Pack & Snack party notice added to Index page.

Website Updates February 24, 2008
Program schedule details added and updated with panel participants and times.

Website Updates January 6, 2008
Writers Workshop guidelines, information, and deadlines updated. Chair notes updated. Tentative program added to Program page. Mid-Career Writers Conversation information added. Members updated.

Website Updates December 4, 2007
Hotel online reservations process updated. Most recent members added.

Website Updates October 13, 2007
BoH title correction to Chair and BoH pages. Membership list updated. Dealers page updated. Potlatch History page updated. Writers Workshop page updated. Room block expiration added to Latest News. Pat Murphy confirmed for Mid-Career Workshop.

Website Updates September 16, 2007
Link to online hotel bookings added to Hotel page. PayPal buttons added to Memberships page. List of members updated on Members page. Those who have bought banquet tickets are now in bold. Cat Rambo added to committee list as head of Writers Workshop. Auction page corrected to reflect the change from silent auction to quick sale for daytime sales.

Website Updates April 4, 2007
Uploaded copy to Dealers page and Workshops page. Sundry small corrective tweaks to HTML & text.

Website Updates April 3, 2007
Links to potlatchcon LiveJournal community added. Various format and textual corrections.

Website Updates March 31, 2007
Initial Potlatch 17 page set up at potlatch-sf.org.