Potlatch 18: Feb. 27 - March 1, 2009

Clarion West Scholarship Auction

Potlatch is pleased and proud to host the Clarion West Scholarship Auction, which has been held at every Potlatch for the last 18 years. The auction raises funds for the nonprofit Clarion West Writers Workshop.

A preview table will be available during the convention, giving you a chance to drool over your heart's desire, a late
Valentine's day present, or the best silly thing you ever saw.

The auction can't happen unless you (yes, you!) donate cool stuff, nifty books, or services that you're willing to describe in public (this can be anything from poker lessons to themed poems on demand). All donations are fully tax-deductible and it's a Good Cause too. We know you have Cool Stuff, but in case you're doubtful about that, you can buy your own at the auction instead of donating some. Or you can do both. Clarion West also gratefully accepts monetary donations..

Please email auction coordinator Kerry Ellis, at auction@potlatch-sf.org if you want to donate, have questions, or would like to help with the auction.

Over the years, Potlatch auctions have received and sold: --one of the first personal laser printers --Vonda McIntyre beaded sea creatures, and other works of scientific art --Ursula Le Guin privately distributed chapbooks --Original art jewelry by Elise Matthesen and Laurie Toby Edison.

What will this year's great items be? Come and see for yourself!