Potlatch 18: Feb. 27 - March 1, 2009


Potlatch 18

February 27 - March 1, 2009

San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area

potlatch n. (1) A ceremonial feast among certain Native American peoples of the northwest Pacific coast ... at which the host distributes gifts requiring reciprocation [Chinook & Nootka: patshatl, to make a potlatch gift]. (2) A gathering of the writers and readers of literary science fiction and fantasy at which participants exchange ideas.

Potlatch, the convention, is an all-volunteer, non-profit, literary event for the readers and writers of speculative fiction. At Potlatch, people talk to each other and participate in panel discussions about reading and writing speculative fiction. You’ll find conversations at the program events, in Algonquins (spontaneous member-generated programming), in writers workshops, in the consuite, in the halls, and in elevators. Proceeds from Potlatch benefit Clarion West—an intensive six-week workshop for writers who are preparing for professional careers in science fiction and fantasy. Check out our Auction page for news about this year's Clarion West Scholarship Auction, an event that's traditionally held at each year's Potlatch.

Potlatch 18 will be held at the Domain Hotel in Sunnyvale, California during the weekend of February 27 - March 1, 2009. Registration is now open (through Paypal or by mail). The general membership rate is $55 until February 14, 2009. The at-the-door rate will be higher, so register now!

To get an idea what Potlatch discussions are like, check out these links to past Potlatch panels and Books of Honor.

Latest News

The Potlatch 18 Program Book is now available for download in PDF format. Progress Report 3 in PDF or Text formats, Progress Report 2, and Progress Report 1 are also still around in PDF format.)

This year, our committee has chosen two Books of Honor. Check out the Program page to see additional panel ideas that we're tossing around for this year. This is a work in progress, and we invite you to get involved!

Guidelines for participation in the Writers Workshop have now been posted. Watch this space for more breaking news. You can also visit the Potlatch Livejournal Community.


A Potlatch in Silicon Valley?

A Potlatch in Silicon Valley? Yes! We’d like to show off the South Bay’s thriving multicultural community. If Silicon Valley is any model, we can expect the future will have really good food. The Domain is a newly remodeled boutique hotel located 9 miles from San Jose International Airport and accessible by public transit. You'll find lots of good restaurants and points of interest to visit in the immediate vicinity. See our Hotel Page for more information about the Domain and/or to make a reservation at the Potlatch convention rate (which is $109/night for a regular guest room or $139 for an executive suite, including king bed, sofabed, and Jacuzzi). All room rates include a hot buffet breakfast for one or two people, with scrambled eggs, bacon, potato, oatmeal, pastries and cereal, plus—this is Silicon Valley after all—rice, miso soup, and Japanese condiments. On Sunday we'll be having an equally enticing lunch buffet, details to come.

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