Potlatch 21

February 24-26, 2012 - Seattle



Note: This year's committee is coming along, but we still have a couple of seats to fill!

Chair Jack Bell chair@potlatch-sf.org
Auction TBD TBD
Convention Operations/Volunteers Tom Whitmore ops@potlatch-sf.org
Dealers' Room Linda Deneroff dealersroom@potlatch-sf.org
Hospitality Hank Graham hospitality@potlatch-sf.org
Hotel Liaison Paul Carpentier hotel@potlatch-sf.org
Programming Jim Kling programming@potlatch-sf.org
Publications TBD publications@potlatch-sf.org
Registrar/Treasurer Linda Deneroff registration@potlatch-sf.org
Web Blunt Jackson website@potlatch-sf.org
Writer's Workshop Blunt Jackson workshop@potlatch-sf.org