Potlatch 21

February 24-26, 2012 - Seattle


The Writer's Workshop

Welcome to the Writers' Workshop! The workshop is open to all speculative fiction writers, regardless of experience. It's a place to get feedback on your writing and decide what you need to work on next. You'll have the chance to hear a professional writer critique your work, along with several of your peers. Critiques will be done in a round-robin Clarion West style. This workshop style allows all the participants to read and critique everyone's work (as opposed to seating a panel of professionals to critique one writer at a time).

The Writers' Workshop is traditionally held on Friday afternoon before regular programming begins. This workshop can be particularly helpful for those who are considering applying to Clarion West in future years.

This year's instructor is David D. Levine. David is a longtime Potlatch member, an alumnae of Clarion West, and the Hugo winning author of Tk'Tk'Tk. We are very lucky to have him leading the workshop this year.

To apply for the workshop, please submit a 2,000 to 8,000 word story in .rtf format to workshop@potlatch-sf.org before January 31. Please format your story as you would for publication. While your story does not have to be fantasy or science fiction, you will find you will get the most out of the workshop with a story in one of those genres. Please submit a complete story, rather than a section of a longer work. Workshop space is limited.


Contact workshop@potlatch-sf.org.