Potlatch 22: February 1-3, 2013

Potlatch 22: Potlatch + Foolscap = ?

Q: What do you get when you cross Potlatch and Foolscap?
A: It's complicated...

Potlatch is about books: the books we love, and why we love them. Potlatch is about good conversation, conversation about books, and how they fit in our lives, and also about almost anything else you can think of. Potlatch is about speculative fiction, both SF and Fantasy. Potlatch is about sharing: sharing with old friends as well as the ones we just met: sharing great meals, sharing small adventures, sharing our favorite tipple, and sharing our ideas in the ongoing conversation that is Potlatch. At the center of that conversation is a single great book, one we hope everyone will have read by the time we get together, so that we can take a common starting point to range out from. (This year the book we've chosen to anchor our conversation is Jo Walton's Among Others. If books were ever your refuge as a kid, if books were ever how you found your people, we think you'll love it. It's about that, plus fairies, and magic, and families, and discovering fandom, and growing up as a lonely kid figuring out how to make friends in a new and seemingly hostile place.) And finally, Potlatch is about conviviality, about creating a cozy, relaxed atmosphere where it's easy to pull up a seat, hang out, find the friends you were looking for, and get caught up in a pell-mell conversation that careens on late into the night, takes a nap, and starts up again, fresh and enthusiastic the next morning. (This year we're hosting hospitality in the 7th floor Concierge lounge -- we hope you'll come up for a drink and a snack, and stick around for the good times.)

Foolscap is rather similar in outlook -- which is why we thought combining the two conventions would be a good idea -- but expands Potlatch's focus on books to encompass all "flat stuff," including art and comics, and "silly hats," including many forms of fannish frivolity. Foolscap is also a convention that puts high value on introducing new voices into the conversation, including people from the technology and maker communities who may be more "geeky" than "faanish."

So how will we combine the two conventions? That's still in the planning phases, but here are some things we do know:

We have a single hotel, the Redmond Marriott Town Center. Visit that page to book your room now!

The convention program will include a "Potlatch track" organized by the Potlatch committee. All members of either convention will have full access to all program items. Clarion West alumni readings will definitely be part of the program.

Convention registration can be done through either convention's website, but the actual registration database is being handled by Foolscap. We are currently discussing whether and how your badge will reflect which convention you registered for.

The hospitality suite for all members will be organized by Potlatch and run in the 7th floor concierge lounge.

There will be a small but excellent art show and dealer's room, both organized by Foolscap.

The "Bite of Foolscap" brunch is available to all members of either convention for $30. Details on the day, time, and menu for the brunch will be provided soon.

The auction benefitting Clarion West will will be held on Saturday, February 2. See the auction page for more information. Foolscap will also have an art auction.

Writer's workshops are a tradition for both conventions, although each has a slightly different structure, and we will be combining the two with critique on Friday morning and interactive seminars Friday mid-day. See the writer's workshop page for more information.

Many other details have yet to be worked out. This page will be updated as we do.