About Potlatch 24

February 6, 7, and 8, 2015 — Hotel Deca — Seattle, WA

Book of Honor:  “Women Destroy Science Fiction!”, June 2014 issue of Lightspeed

Thank you to everyone who made Potlatch 24 such a great weekend. 

Potlatch is a small, literary speculative fiction convention. It was started in Seattle and alternates between Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, and sometimes Portland.

Potlatch contributes to the future of speculative fiction with an auction benefiting Clarion West, an intense six-week workshop for speculative fiction writers at the start of their careers. When you buy books, art, and unique hand-made items in the auction, you are helping Clarion West to help the students — students who may soon become your favorite new writers.

Potlatch is a place where readers and writers meet on common ground. Everyone at Potlatch, whether reader or writer or artist or editor, is a fan. Potlatch’s format, with a single track of programming, brings everyone together in a lively discussion that continues from one program to the next and goes on into the evening. Potlatch has some of the most interesting conversations — and people — in the science fiction community.

The first Potlatch committee in Seattle decided that Potlatch would not have a Guest of Honor. For Potlatch 2 the Bay Area committee added the idea of a Book of Honor. It has worked very well. The book is not put on a pedestal as may happen with an honored guest. The discussion includes the flaws of the book as well as its virtues, and it is always thoughtful and insightful.

Potlatch 24

Potlatch 24 will be at Hotel Deca in Seattle, Washington. Hotel Deca is conveniently located in the University District in North Seattle and offers free parking to guests. There are many affordable restaurants close by.

Registration is now open, online and by mail.

Coming to Seattle early?

The weekend before Potlatch 24 is Foolscap 2015 (Jan. 30–Feb. 1) at the Marriott Redmond Town Center in Redmond, WA. This year’s Foolscap GoH is writer/artist Ursula Vernon. Find out more at Foolscapcon.org.

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