February 25-27, 2000, University Plaza Hotel

Seattle, Washington


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Potlatch 9: Home Page

Progress Report #3 is now avaliable.

Tourism is live! Click here to see a list of Puget Sound regional destinations!

New Rates: The membership rate for Potlatch 9 is $35, but it will rise to $40 at the door. The rate for the combined Potlatch 9/Corflu 2000 (Corflatch) is $70, and supporting memberships are available. These rates are subject to change:

Potlatch 9 Only: $35 (21)

Corflatch: $70 (45.00)

Potlatch Supporting Membership: $10 (6.50)

A new membership form (including info on our U.K. rates and mailing address) is also available.

Lenny Bailes and Tom Whitmore have collaborated with many Potlatch 8 participants to create the Potlatch 8 Program Notes. The notes can be downloaded as a PDF file (if you have the Acrobat Reader application) or as an HTML file (created by Lenny).

Potlatch features great people talking and listening about writing and reading speculative fiction. You’ll see them in programming, in Clarion-style writers’ workshops, in the con suite, in the halls and in elevators.

We’ll host the Clarion West scholarship auction. There will be a small dealers’ room. We’ll have a dance. Nanoprogramming may strike at any moment. Talk, talk, talk. Listen, listen, listen.

Potlatch 9 is a non-profit literary convention for the readers and writers of speculative fiction. Proceeds benefit Clarion West, an intensive six-week workshop for writers preparing for professional careers in science fiction and fantasy.

Potlatch 9 is also part of the "Corflatch" concept -- a first-time connection of Corflu with Potlatch. (Corflu 2000 was awarded the convention at Corflu Sunsplash on May 2, 1999.) There's no doubt that Corflu and Potlatch have different goals, and a different ambience, but there are also similarities and connections. Held in combination this way, the events might strengthen those connections. Plus, it just might make a fine vacation week for those with the inclination, with four days between conventions to explore Seattle or any of the Pacific Northwest features and cities that can be reached easily by car, bus, plane or ferry.

Basically: You can attend two conventions in Seattle on consecutive weekends for only $70. Memberships for the individual conventions are also available. Go here to download membership forms for either or both conventions.

Special Combination Rate: $70.00 for both Potlatch and Corflu.

Potlatch Membership Alone: $30.00

Potlatch Supporting Membership: $10.00

These rates are subject to change.


The committee: Ian Hagemann, Chair; Suzanne V. Tompkins, Hotel Liaison; Janice Murray, Treasurer; Jerry Kaufman, Programming; Jane Hawkins, Con Suite and Assistant Chair; Kate Schaefer, Clarion West Auction and Writers’ Workshops; Victor Gonzalez, Publications and Web Page; Marcia Goldoft, Dealers’ Room; Anita Rowland, Toys; and Luke McGuff, Truck.

Send questions, comments or complaints to Ian Hagemann.

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